Hitting the Road

April 6, 2010

As much as I don’t want to, I’m getting up early tomorrow, and heading to Luseland Saskatchewan.  Aren’t ya’ll glad you are learning about small town Saskatchewan geography with me?  Think of the next time there is a question on Jeopardy about it, we will all know and you’ll be so thankful.  “Which town was named for Sam Luse”?  “What is Luseland Saskatchewan for $1.4 million!”.  I looked the town up, as small town websites are always informative.  I don’t need a map to find the water plant in these places, I generally just drive around a bit and I find it if I don’t see it right off the highway. 

Let’s say I have some time to kill (which never happens as I’m usually heading to a hotel to find internet as someone always wants an answer about something) there are a number of attractions in Luseland I can check out.  I think the Threshing Machine Graveyard is worth a visit, because honestly, who collects over 50 threshing machines, and sticks them in a field for you to drive around?  I am in all seriousness interested in the Prairie Park Reserve, as I think that preserving the prairie as it used to be with its native species is a worthwhile endeavour.  But the threshing machines may make a better blog post…

Once I return from Saskatchewan, I’m off to Boulder Colorado for a wedding of a dear friend I had met in Boston.  I’m desperately trying to ignore the fact that Boulder probably has amazing yarn stores, as I’m not supposed to be buying more yarn until at least June.  (Olds Fibre Fair anyone?)  My plans there involve visiting the shopping area of downtown Boulder, and going for a nice long walk at least once or twice.  I love walking, meandering around a good path, looking at houses, heading into the hills.  You can also take a tour of the Celestial Seasoning Tea factory, which always makes an engineer’s heart happy.  Food factories are usually fascinating!  I can also tell you tour guides hate engineers, we ask too many questions. 

These may be my plans, but who knows what else could happen?  I love traveling with open ended “maybe I could do this plans” and then seeing what I feel like doing.  Life is so much more adventurous that way!


One Response to “Hitting the Road”

  1. sayingthings said

    May I suggest reading novels by Louise Erdrich, if you haven’t before? They are set in North Dakota, so not that different from Saskatchewan. They are so lovely.

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