Wednesday Work in Progress

April 14, 2010

Lately I’ve been really focused in on making the bike mittens (so called by me because the motif seems like a wheel of a knobby mountain bike tire) to the point of only working on them in Colorado last weekend.  For the first mitten I followed along with the pattern and did three repeats of the motif before putting in the waste yarn for the thumb.  This made them huge, but I figured the whole mitten would be huge and I’d have to felt it anyways.  Once I finished up I realized that it was only just the length of the cuff that was too long, the rest of the mitten would fit fairly well, they are just wide.  I made the second mitten shorter by one repeat in the cuff:

The second mitten fits nicely, although I may still felt it down a little bit for extra warm.  I’m worried that the naturally dyed Brazilwood colouring will run into the cream if I do that. 

I’ve since ripped the large mitten out and restarted the hand.  I’m getting a bit tired of the pattern, but the end is in sight.  I hope to be done this weekend in order to concentrate on other things. 

I have a goal to calculate my yardage totals every quarter, and end of April will be the first one!  Therefore I’d like to get some things finished up so that they can be counted as done, and out of stash.  I’m pretty sure my yardage has gone up since January 1, but I’m hoping by not too much.  I’m hoping to complete my Lacy Baktus, Rick socks, and Tempest sweater in the next three weeks.  Can I do it?  I guess we’ll find out…

The pattern for these mittens is from Folk Knitting in Estonia by Nancy Bush.  I’m getting very excited to attend her classes in Montana the end of May, I’ve booked my campsite now!


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