Transitioning Jobs

April 19, 2010

Back in early December I learned I was on a short list to be laid off, which was not good news just before Christmas!  From that point on, various other events occurred at my work that found most of our management being forced out, whether they wanted to or not!  It hasn’t been very fun working through all that stress, and once things really fell apart the end of January I began sending out resumes.  I think we all need stability, especially those of us with mortgages and two furry kitties to feed!  I also have a policy of eliminating stress in my life where I can, since it plays havoc on my system.  My poor guts! 

Long story short, and after more than a few venting sessions at Knit Club, last Friday I got an offer, which I promptly signed and sent back, then immediately thereafter resigned my current job.  Where I’m off to shall remain a mystery for now, as you never know how your old employer will react to you ditching them for a new employer.  I’ll remain in Calgary, which officially makes this the first time I’ve gotten a new job and not moved across/to a country.  I must be getting settled in my old age! 

One sad thing is that I’ll have to drive to the new job, as it is not accessible from the train.  Back to the industrial areas for me.  I’m going to miss working in downtown Calgary, the nice bike ride, or the public transport commute.  One thing I have figured out, which I now need to test is parking at a “Park and Ride” lot and biking from there.  I think with doing this I can keep the bike ride to an hour each way, which is manageable.  It’s so nice to bike home after work, and immediately sit on the couch and have dinner, rather than hauling myself out for some exercise.  And since I’ve been discovering just how much of my spring/summer wardrobe is fitting tightly so far this year…..yikes! 

Therefore two more weeks here, two weeks of blissful time off which I plan on hanging around the house, crafting, working on the basement, and biking.  Then a new job, squeaky and clean, with no mean people in it yet, and assurance of a paycheck.  The kitties should feel so secure now.


6 Responses to “Transitioning Jobs”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    Wow – I’m sorry you had to change due to a potential layoff, but I’m glad you found something else first. I hope it will end up being even better!

  2. sayingthings said

    Congratulations on not spending time out of work!

    I haven’t started a new job in a long time, but I can recall (dimly) that it is exciting. I hope it is great!

  3. Anne said

    Yikes – that coulda been even scarier! But here’s hoping the new job is fantastic, and everything you want!!

  4. margene said

    Congratulations!! Enjoy your quiet, relaxing time off and I hope the new job is all you want it to be (besides the commute). 😉

  5. nicolaknits said

    I’m sure the new job will work out great. Enjoy your time off.

  6. itsnotaboutthetools said

    Enjoy your time off! I am excited for you, starting a new job. That feeling of possibility is fun, isn’t it?

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