FO: Wheel Mittens

April 20, 2010

Not only did I finish these on the weekend, but I threw them in the washing machine for a full cycle of felting.  Felting is always nerve racking, especially as the water turned pink immediately.  However none of the Brazilwood dye transferred to the cream yarn, and most surprisingly, the colour went from salmony pink to hot pink!  I’ve included the original yarn in the photo for reference.  The mittens are soft and thick, and in a test run this morning almost wind proof.  They are  still a little bit big, so another cycle is in order.  I’m calling them wheel mittens as the pattern looks like knubby mountain bike tires to me, but in Estonian Folk Knitting the graceful Ms. Bush calls them “Kristi’s Mittens”.  The checkerboard pattern on the band is extremely simple, and impressive.  The yarn was purchased in Moab at Desert Threads, the cream was a gift for my 35th birthday.  Next year: More brazilwood!

I saw my first robin yesterday morning, and then another.  Spring is definitely here!


2 Responses to “FO: Wheel Mittens”

  1. Anne said

    Great mittens! How interesting the color changed that dramatically tho.

  2. itsnotaboutthetools said

    How cool that they changed color like that! Felting is really rolling the dice, isn’t it? Lucky no bleeding!

    I LOVE that checkerboard…

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