Wedding Attire

April 23, 2010

The next big question is what to wear on the big wedding day.  At much as I’m loathe to admit it, I think we already have “wedding colours”.  Mr. J’s favorite colour is burnt orange, and  mine is green, so there you go. 

**If Mr. J is around, or mentions anything to anyone, I’m wearing an incredibly huge pouffy dress, with a 10 foot train, and it will cost approximately $5000** (It might be tradition to surprise him on the wedding day, but its also kind of fun keeping this joke going with him)

The question of wedding attire is another uncomfortable one with me, as I cannot for the life of me picture myself in a wedding dress.  It’s just not “me”, and I think it is ridiculous to force myself into something I don’t want to do.  Again, I have never pictured myself getting married and wearing a white dress, I was busy studying calculus.  So I figure I should start with something I can get excited about: shoes.  I really want to wear the most fantastic pair of shoes that I can find, since my normal life does not really lend itself to wearing fabulous shoes, as I haven’t been to a ball, or met the Queen.  Since Mr. J is 6’7″ I can wear the biggest pair of heels I want to, in fact the bigger, more platform pair of shoes I can find the better.  I’m thinking stiletto, huge heels, shiny, sparkly, and green.  Something like this:

Martinez Valero Women's Caitlin Shoe

But perhaps a darker green.  I have a feeling I’ll find what I’m looking for when all the Xmas party shoes come out.  Okay, with this level of excitement about shoes, I can go onto dresses.  I have to have something to show off those lovely shoes don’t I?  How about this dress? 

I can picture myself in that one!!  And then I’ll need a beautiful lace stole to match the shoes perfectly!  A bit of a hair-do, some make-up and I might be able to pull this bride thing off. 

I’ve also found some killer white mountain bike gear for the mornings ride…  Trust me, I’m much more excited about that, but the green shoes could tip the balance.


7 Responses to “Wedding Attire”

  1. Sharon G. said

    I LOVE the shoes!!!! I wish I had done something funky like that for my wedding, but hubby is exactly the same height as me, so plain white flats seemed to be the way to go.

  2. Rycrafty said

    I’ve always thought a short wedding dress would be cute! That length, or even a slightly longer ‘tea length’ dress too.
    Envious of your ability to wear heels… If I wear heels over 2″ high, P and I are the same height. I love those green heels!

  3. margene said

    LOVE the shoes and the dress would be smashing on you! Your on the right track.

  4. melanie said

    If you want a more casual looking dress (love that one by the way) I would start looking now that it is spring and all the summer stuff is coming out. You could easily find something off-the-rack that you love. I found a really fantastic dress the day before Mister and I started dating (at Kismet in Kesington) and always wished I could have something similar for the wedding except not in black (it was long and lacey – but that is just me) and the next summer the company came out with a similar dress that was cream coloured and a little shorter and it would have been the PERFECT dress for me but we weren’t talking marriage then so I didn’t even think about buying it. I guess what I’m saying is that since you have a year to plan you could really save on the dress by just keeping your eyes open.

  5. Anne said

    I LOVE the outfit concept. Totally killer shoes and a simple dress and of COURSE, you should have a pretty lace stole or shawl for it. Houston, I think we have a winner. 🙂

  6. Jess said

    For my wedding, I ended up wearing a white, knee-length dress from Old Navy with some fabulous red shoes. We ended up planning our wedding in about six weeks, so I didn’t have time to shop for a more traditional dress, but the huge/expensive/formal dress never seemed like me either. The dress was great and I actually wore it out to dinner for our anniversary (with a cardigan), since it doesn’t actually scream WEDDING DRESS. I hope you find a great dress that you’re comfortable in – that is is the most important thing after all. And the shoes should probably be fabulous + comfortable too. Congratulations!

  7. Cheryl S. said

    Love the shoes AND the dress.

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