FO: Rick’s Socks

April 26, 2010

These lovely socks are Rick’s Socks from Cookie A’s delightful book Sock Innovation.  The first of a few pairs of socks that I’d like to make from this book.  The yarn is Fleece Artist Sea wool, in a rather rocking teal colour. 

The right sock was a bit tigher than my left sock (which worked itself out after I put them on wet and walked around a little bit) .  I’m wondering if the ssk is tighter than the k2tog?  Very interesting….

The foot pattern, which is a quick knit and fun, ends an inch too short on my foot.  I guess I could have figured out how to extend it but, ugh, no.  The toes will be in shoes most of the time right?

And what usually happens when I do photoshoots:

Piper is not fat, she is just floofy.


One Response to “FO: Rick’s Socks”

  1. Jocelyn said

    yeah! You finished them!!

    (FirstCat? Also v. floofy.)

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