Dear Mum,

May 9, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day to you, so far away down in Honduras.  I was going to send you flowers, but it is pointless to send you northern flowers when you are living in a beautiful tropical paradise.  A card generally gets to you well after a holiday, after it goes to Miami and then gets on the boat to the island.  If it gets there at all.  Do you remember all the times I came to visit you and then had to wear your clothes for the first three days since my luggage never showed up? 

This afternoon I went to see Stars on Ice, and it was a wonderful show as always.  If you were here I’m sure we would have gone together and clapped and cheered until our hands were sore, and our throats raw.  Did I mention my hands are sore?  Virtue and Moir skated their “hockey player and diva” routine, and then did their Olympic routine which is moving in person.  What a treat to see it live, since so few saw it at the Olympics, we all were glued to our tv’s crossing our fingers, toes, eyes, so close to the edge of our seats.  Joannie Rochette skated a moving routine that she dedicates to her mother, and also skated to a nice slow version of “Summertime”.  Cynthia Phaneuf has to be one of the most beautiful women skating these days, with a huge smile, and a gorgeous back.  She wears a lot of backless costumes.  Jaime Sale and David Peltier, brought the house down with a routine to a Michael Jackson song packed to the brim with over the top moves, and smack on, intense choreography.  David is always mesmerizing to watch as he maneuvers Jaime around the ice.  They got an immediate standing ovation from everyone, people practically leapt to their feet!  Kurt, as always, was so much fun to watch.  His first routine was done to a medley of old time movie songs, among them”Dancing in the Rain”.  His second routine was on hockey skates, on which he jumped spun, and used the rounded front and back edges to their utmost advantage. 

I ran into my skating coach and got to meet her new baby boy.  I suggested she get Kurt to bless the baby, as I am expecting the new baby boy to win the worlds in 16 years or less.  My coach got out her phone and TEXTED KURT.  I repeat, TEXTED KURT, as him she has his phone number, and well, they are friends.  It took a lot not to grab her phone and text “Pls. run away with me now”.  Maybe next year.

As I waited for the show to start I remembered going to the Gardens in Toronto to see Kurt years ago, when he was still skating in the shadow of Brian Orser, the new guy on the scene.  After he started making a name for himself, the show took on a crazy rock concert feel, we never really could hear the music, the crowd was so deafening in that place.  Do you remember getting Barbara Underhill and Paul Martini’s autograph?  Or seeing Torvill and Dean?  Or when we saw Brian Orser just after the 1988 Olympics, in that smaller arena, I can’t remember where.  You always bought me a program, which I’m too cheap to do myself these days, however I did splurge on second row seats.  Close enough to see the expressions, see the ice flinging from the blades, and detail on the costumes.  Such sparkly, sparkly costumes.  No dirty overalls or Blue Avatar costumes here! 

Now that I”ve got the new laptop up and running, I promise to figure out how to download photos tomorrow, I’ve got some really good ones waiting to show you.  Week 1 of Funemplyment has wizzed by, I feel like I slept most of it away, but like you said, I probably needed it.  I”m hoping next week it doesn’t snow (like this week!!) and I get out and do my “work in the garden” goal.  The basement painting is coming along nicely, bathroom should be all done soon, and in useable condition!  The goals I’ve really failed on so far are to bike 5 times a week, and to even out my bike tan, I’m blaming all the snow for my failure there.  I’ve excelled at “cat patting” and “making a lap for a cat to nap on” but two furry rotters would disagree, and insist on more commitment on my part.  I’ll keep trying.

All the best today,

Love Anne


3 Responses to “Dear Mum,”

  1. sayingthings said

    Well, this post was certainly not directed to me, but I’m still going to comment anyway! Thanks for sharing your memories of attending ice shows with you mom. It’s awesome that you both enjoy something together.

  2. Mom said

    Thanks Anne,
    I really miss not going to the skating shows with you but our time will come again & we can introduce the next generation to them.
    Let us know if your coach ever gets a reply from Kurt.
    Love, Mom

  3. Mom said

    The small arena was in Newmarket.

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