Spring Knitting

May 12, 2010

So far this spring I’ve been on a knitting mittens kick like this:

Why do you ask?  Well, because it won’t stop snowing that is why!  Actually today is a nice and sunny day out, and I intend to go for a run after my nap.  This may sound very lazy, but in my defense I have already been down in the basement doing another coat of blue paint in the bedroom and bathroom.  PLUS I’ve watched 3 episodes of Dr. Who, first season (circa 2005).  I think the cats are a bad influence, since they are busy napping away in the sunshine, its hard not to want to do the same.  I’ve also installed a Windows Office on the new laptop so that I can finally get back to uploading all my photos!

These are another pair of Bella’s mittens using two strands of Eco-Ull held together.  They are about an inch thick and should be incredibly warm.  I’m not sure if they are going into the Xmas box, or will be for me!

I do have actual spring knitting plans, I’m almost finished the knitting on my Tempest and should start the trim and finishing very soon.  I ran out of green yarn on the top of the second sleeve, and therefore did a bit of doctoring to remove the bottom green stripe on both arms, so that I can finish the sleeve nice and proper.  Its going to be a great thin sweater to throw on over a t-shirt, very useful.

The plans after that are to finish my Flower Child, languishing since last fall when it got chilly.  Back from the sleeping pile!  Then I’ve got some lovely teal Drops Alpaca to make my own Buttercup.  After that, I’m hoping I’ll have time this summer to make a lace cardigan from Country Weekend Knits, if I can find some lace weight Jamison that is.  I’ll probably have to order it from Scotland if I can’t get it locally.

Currently I plan to start a new pair of mittens, in hopes that the next week will be lovely and sunny, rather like carrying an umbrella so that it doesn’t rain.  Druid mittens, here I come (finally).


3 Responses to “Spring Knitting”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    The mittens look great, but I’m ready for much warmer weather. Now.

  2. Anne said

    I love them! That big beefy cable is great.

  3. Country Weekend Knits is one of my favorites! Sounds like you’re having a spring like the one in Vermont & Maine! Thank god for knitting, eh?

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