Evil Car Driver – That’s Me

May 18, 2010

Day Two of the new job is complete, and I’m an official car commuter again.  I used to feel so virtuous taking the train and bus, and now I’m a single car driver, not even a blow up doll to make it look like I’m not personally ruining the environment.  I have a plan to start doing a 1/2 drive 1/2 ride my bike into work, but I need to implement it.  I guess on the bright side it took me 35 minutes to get to work, as opposed to the old hour long virtuous commute. 

That is my old view on the left, on my last day in the old fancy office.  It was fancy, it was nice, but I can’t say it felt comfortable.  The new digs are in the industrial area, and I’m in an office that I may one day share, and there are no windows.  If I could see outside, I would see parking lot, and some more industrial type buildings.  I know it doesn’t sound great, but it feels more comfortable.  At one point today I wandered into the back and watched them building a reverse osmosis system, taking photos for the client.  I’m all set up with a lovely work station that they spent Sunday building, a new fancy chair, and a nice working set-up.  I’ve discovered that there is a deli four doors down that makes a lovely latte, which always makes the world a better place. 

As for work I’ve dived right in, as there is a lot to do.  I’ve got two binders to go through that are, I kid you not, about 7 inches tall each.  I need to review them, and then help get a system drawn, priced, and about a zillion data sheets filled out.  I need to get up to speed on their systems, and learn how they do things.  I was looking forward to going into work this morning, and that is a good thing.


2 Responses to “Evil Car Driver – That’s Me”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    Good luck with all that work!

  2. Anne said

    It’s always exciting to start something new – and even better when it feels like a good fit!

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