FO: Pocketbook Slippers

May 20, 2010

For Christmas I made my future mother in law a pair of green fuzzy slippers, which seemed to go over well.  So well in fact that she has already worn a hole in one of them.  So in a shameless attempt to make a good impression with the future in-laws, I made another pair, plus one for the Grandmother.  When I suck up, I go the full way apparently.  The Pocketbook Slippers turned out to be a fun pattern, and a good way to use up some Classic Wool that I’ve got hanging around.  They are so durn cute, little and tiny, then they stretch out and fit your big feet! 

I made a few other items over my break which I’ll eventually get around to photographing.  In other exciting news I downloaded my new stash totals into Excel.  I know, spreadsheet fun!  Even with all the recent stash acquisition, I was only up 2000 yards, which I thought was quite reasonable.  I’m hopeful that the totals come down again for my next report on July 1, but with Olds Fibre Fair coming up quickly, I’m making no promises. 

Mr. J and I are busy packing up as we’re off to Montana for the long weekend.  I’m attending a class with Nancy Bush on Sunday!  Its very exciting, but Mr. J is more excited about the fact that he’s bringing his bike.  The retreat is occurring at a fishing camp, and should be a nice relaxing time for us both.  I need a break after a week of work!


3 Responses to “FO: Pocketbook Slippers”

  1. Anne said

    2000 yards only? I’d say you should be purchasing more in Montana – you are working from a virtual deficit. Have a great weekend!

  2. Cheryl S. said

    Do you put anything non-slip on the bottom? I’ve always been afraid to make slippers because I’m afraid I’m the one who would be slipping.

  3. Mary Young said

    I just finished my first pair……so easy. I had the same concern about the bottom of the slippers since I fell down the stairs last fall I am super careful. Anyway, I bought this fabric in LA that has rubber feet embossed in it here and there. The next time I am going to zig zag ovals before I sew the ends up. I am thinking that Maybe Michael’s has some kind of puff paint or similar to paint on the bottoms.

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