Goings On

June 1, 2010

So many things have been goings on, and its such a pleasure to sit at my new laptop at home, and write about them to you.  After my two weeks off, when life seems to slow down a tad, it has now sped up to regular speed again, and days are whizzing by.  I was so excited however this weekend to visit the local hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with the ladies from the local chapter of Western Canada Oddball Blanket Society.  I can’t remember if I’ve worked on 2 or 3 of the blankets for the group now, I rather think it is 3.  It was so fun to finally meet some of the ladies, and put faces to names. 

Even better, there were another 9 blankets ready to be delivered!  I thought that this little get-together was a wonderful idea on the part of the NICU.  They are trying to reach out to people who are making charitable donations, in order to let them know it is appreciated.  When the charity liaison started talking about seeing the little girl who received the Flutterby blanket (one I had worked on) sit and trace all the butterflies with her little finger, well my heart just about melted on the floor in a pile of bodily fluids.  We were then given cookies (cookies!) and taken on a tour of the NICU.  A lot of the cute little babies were fast asleep in their plastic pods, but one wee little bit of a 24 week old baby was awake and waving around his/her little arms and legs.  There went another bodily organ in to a pile of mush.  I have never seen a human being that teeny tiny before, and yet with such perfect little hands and feet.  At another station a father was holding his baby for the first time, and getting his proud photo taken.  And I have to tell you, and two people specifically, Butternut looked awesome in person!  A little tiny baby is going to be so lucky to get that blanket.

In other goings on I’m now in my third week of work, which apparently means its okay to photocopy knitting patterns at work.  I picked a good day for it, I was the only one there until 9 am!  I’m sticking with my leaving the house routine at 7 am, which puts me into the office just after 7:30 am.  We got our big bid in on time on Monday, and I think now we’re taking a bit of  a breather before the next two are worked on.

But I have to tell you something a bit gross.  We have two bathrooms, one clearly marked “Mens” and the other just a black bar, so Unisex I guess.  And friends, we most definitely have a floor peer at work.  Toilet seat is up, floor is covered in “fluid”.  It means that us ladies need to hoist our pant legs off the floor, and tread carefully in that place, and we all most likely have urine on our shoes.  There are two women there now (including me) I figure if they hire one more I’m starting a “Women’s” bathroom campaign.  Other than that, things are good.


6 Responses to “Goings On”

  1. Monica said

    How gratifying!

    And on the toilet – are you sure the toilet doesn’t leak? (is the floor yellow? Ugh!) I once assumed that someone was peeing all over the floor at work, then later discovered that the particular toilet in question leaked water somehow from under the base. I’m hoping for the best for you. Pee shoes makes me shudder. At least you take your shoes off at the front door!

  2. Cheryl S. said

    Yuck. Maybe you need a special pair of “bathroom” shoes.

  3. Billy said

    Women´s toilet campaign now! I´d vote for that, no doubt!

    Loved your account on the visit to the hospital and melting body organs. It´s great to see charitably knitting being used by little fellows with high cuteness indexes. 🙂

    • Daddysgirl said

      You have actually worked on four blankets! Starlight Starbright, Flutterby, Snuggly Cuddly and Yummy Cupcake 😉 Time flies when you are having fun!

      BTW, thanks for coming on Saturday!

  4. Jen said

    Well… that does make me feel better. Maybe seeing it in person is better than photographs.

    Your note does remind me though, that is an appreciated project. I just wish more people were a little keener to finish their items!!

    I miss our lunches! I feel like I’ve missed out on so much!! I’m going to try and make a Wed night knitting event one of these nights- otherwise we may have to plan a weekend catch up!

  5. Heather said


    What if you just stealthily bought a sign and stuck it on the door?

    Awww to the wee babies in the nicu.

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