Official Baby Present

June 24, 2010

Of the Calgary Knit Club.

The Norweigan baby hat, knit from some killer sock yarn from Fleece Artist.  I love this colourway for baby things, I only wish I had bought all they had at the Knitting Room at the time.  We finally got to try our hats (a few of us have knit more than 3 now!) on a real baby last night.  This hat, made from the middle stitch count on the pattern, may even fit the baby next winter.  Its so wonderful to have a real cute little cuddly baby to try our knitted items on.  I plan on asking the mother to measure his feet next for optimum baby sock design. 

At home I’ m reading “How to Knit a Love Song“, and really enjoying it.  Its a perfect summer romance novel, to put your feet up and escape into a lovely world of fantasy.  Its a love story, and has all the elements of the romance novel, but its more, with one scene that all knitters will find beyond exciting.  Beyond.  I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but think of a big knitting fantasy, its in the book!  I find the prose to be delightful, sparkly, and fast moving.  Unfortunately I had to buy it from Amazon, as I couldn’t find it here in Canada.  If I ran a knitting store, I’d be sure to stock a few copies of this book!  Hint. Hint.


2 Responses to “Official Baby Present”

  1. Heather said

    That is the cutest hat EVER!

    Am ordering the book…looks fun.

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