Wednesday Work in Progress

August 4, 2010

One of my main focuses has been to get through the eyelet portion of Icarus, and onto the very exciting feather lace pattern, which I finally managed to last weekend.  I had thought I was doing an extra repeat of the eyelet pattern, but after reading the text portion of the pattern again, I discovered that I actually was supposed to be doing the extra 1/2 repeat anyhow.  Therefore the shawl will be made to the pattern, without an extra repeat, and will hopefully be nice and big.  The yak/silk I’m using is a 1200 yd ball of 100 g, and after doing 5 repeats I still had 80 grams left, which means I will probably have plenty left over.  I just couldn’t face doing another whole repeat of eyelets, especially now that each row is so long.  I keep telling myself “plenty big”.

My sock purse project is the Lindsay Sock from Sock Innovations, in a very pretty green/blue/white Lisa Souza.  I’m enjoying the pattern, especially as its easy to do, and easy to figure out where I left off, which means no row counting.  It hasn’t gotten much attention as I’ve focussed on Icarus, but this week I’ll get back to it again. 

My endeavour to make something for the 3 babies due in August is over halfway to completion, which makes me happy.  In fact the gift for the first baby due to pop is already done, and the next one up is getting pretty close.  Once all the babies are here, and the presents sent off I can show some photos.  I currently have plenty of projects on the go, and plenty I’m itching to cast on and get started on.


2 Responses to “Wednesday Work in Progress”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    As I read “My sock purse project…”, I was thinking “Sock purse? What’s a sock purse?”.

    Obviously I need coffee.

    /slinks away

  2. Heather said

    Plenty big, and plenty good-looking! That will be fabulous!

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