FO: Tempest Sweater

August 10, 2010

This is the Tempest sweater from Knitty a few seasons ago, made from grey Kroy sock yarn (2.5 balls) and 1 ball of Sleeping Dragon sock yarn.  I finished this months ago, but haven’t gotten photos taken, mostly because I’ve been sleeping a lot.  I didn’t like this sweater initially, as the colours used in the original aren’t to my taste.  But once I saw other people making their version, and realized that if you have two balls of sock yarn with extremely generous yardages, this was a great sweater to make.  The sock yarn on larger needles makes a nice thin fabric, and works well over t-shirts.  This works very well in our climate where the mornings are chilly enough for a sweater, but by noon it warms up enough for that t-shirt.  This pattern is worth a try, nice waist shaping, and a huge range of sizes. 

I can still wear the sweater, but unbuttoned, due to my, ummm, ever rounding front.  I’ve had to re-think my knitting schedule recently as well, moving non-cardigan sweaters down the queue for next year.  I’m only going to be wearing sweaters that will undo over the bump now.  I grew out of most of my clothes rather quickly, around six to seven weeks which was a bit shocking.  That’s what happens when most of your clothing is “form fitting” rather than loose.  The good thing about elastic waist pants however is that I’m very comfy after a good buffet meal, no matter how big the belly gets. 

P.S. I really like the lime green buttons.


6 Responses to “FO: Tempest Sweater”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    It’s really true! You do have a bump! And you look so happy. The sweater is cute – I keep thinking about making it, but somehow, other things just keep creeping into my queue.

  2. margene said

    Love your sweater and the colors you picked! Love that little bump, too! You look darling in this sweater.

  3. Cardigans are good not just for the bump, but for erm, full frontal access once you’re nursing. (Assuming that you’re planning on nursing, of course.)

  4. Anne said

    It did come out great! Another nice wardrobe addition!!

  5. Sunnyknitter said

    Nice picture of the bump and the cardi! I’m actually hoping to finish the sewing up and edging on my Tempest today so you’ve just been very inspiring. It’s been languishing for months at the bottom of the bag.

  6. Heather said

    Very cute! And you look adorable with your bun!

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