Twist and Knit- Miriam Felton

August 15, 2010

A few weeks ago Miram Felton came all the way up to Calgary to introduce her wonderful new book Twist and Knit, and teach a bunch of us how to design our own lace items.  I’d like to note first of all how much admiration I have for Miriam to have designed these shawls, socks and gloves in the first place, and then to have written and published this book by herself, it really is  a monumental accomplishment.  If you don’t have your copy yet, hurry up! 

Miriam took some time on Friday night to introduce each design in the book, mentioning the inspiration, and what she was trying to accomplish with each piece.  It is one thing to see a design in a 2-d book, but quite another to see it in person, and being wrapped around Miriam who looked so stylish in her grey outfit, perfect with each design.  She pointed out unique aspects of each piece, how the Lacy Lune scarf ends curl pleasingly, how the folds of the Dropleaf Wrap fall into pleats when draped across your shoulders.  The non-lacy Lune makes me wish I had hurried up and learned to spin years ago, it’s giving me some more excellent motivation to get a move on.  It’s such a perfect design for hand-spun, and a very interesting, yet simple design, all the versions showing up on Ravelry are so beautiful in handspun.  My first project will however be a lacy Lune, made with silver Geisha silk from Blue Moon that is going to be incredible!  As soon as I finish Icarus that is, I am still amazed how long it takes when knitting with practically thread. 

During the class we jumped right into picking out stitch patterns, discussing basic shawl types, and deciding which one we wanted to use.  I decided to do a four wedge shawl, which yields a semi-circle end product as I had never made one of that shape before. 

I picked a stitch pattern, called Lingdon Berry, that seemed fairly simple, and began graphing away.  Making stitch charts by hand is a lot of fun.  The stitch pattern seemed very simple, and I felt clever until Miriam figured out the pattern would not repeat for 40 rows, which meant 40 rows of graphing.  Oops.  I cast on the correct number of stitches, and began making my four wedges of lingdonberries.  The pattern is slowly emerging as you can see on the left, and it isn’t that bad.  It needs a good number of inches still to look decent.  Once the shawl is done, and the Lingdonberry Wedgie becomes an internet sensation, all will be well.  That is if I finish making it, and if I ever decide to formally graph up my 40+ rows.  I think I may have to leave the designing to the professionals like Miriam.  After all, she does it so well, and as it appears to us her fans, so effortlessly.


5 Responses to “Twist and Knit- Miriam Felton”

  1. Anne said

    I am so very jealous you got to spend time with Mim! Isn’t that book of hers fantastic?

  2. margene said

    Saw Miriam Saturday and picked up a copy of the book. It’s just so cool to know someone so talented.

  3. margene said

    Oh and, you’re lace shawl is going to be lovely! Way to go!!

  4. Cheryl S. said

    How funny! I just cast on for the non-lacy Lune last night. I wanted something to carry around in my purse that was fairly mindless, so I didn’t want to do a lace version. Plus, the yarn I’m using has a lot of texture, so I think it will be nice in stockinette. Yours is looking lovely so far, and it’s a beautiful color.

  5. Heather said

    Very cool, and a most excellent name as well.

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