FO: Baby Kimono #1

August 23, 2010

I’ve been busy making little cotton baby kimonos for the three summer babies that have now all arrived!  And I’m actually done with all the kimonos!  It’s a very simple pattern however, and was a good way to use up multitudes of mismatched cotton yarn that I had tucked away.  This particular kimono pictured at left is on its way to Toronto as I type for a pretty little girl who is 1 week old.  The kimono has a few “design elements” which is what those of us in Knit Club refer to little problems that we pretend we meant to do all along.  For instance, can you see where I ran out of blue?  As a result I have this dashing half sleeve in blue/yellow/red, and 1.5 sleeves in just yellow and red.  Just like the babies are sporting on the runways!  I really like the bright primary colours in this one, and I hope the Momma likes it as well, design elements and all!  And let’s face it, its durn unique.  I also hope her Mum gives me some feedback on how well it fits, and how easy it is for the baby to wear it, as I’ve got some sock yarn earmarked for my little Ryder to wear come January!


4 Responses to “FO: Baby Kimono #1”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    Tres chic! Great save on the yarn problem.

  2. nicolaknits said

    That’s very cute.

  3. Heather said

    That is adorable, I love it where you ran out of blue!

  4. melanie said

    I love your ‘design element’ on this sweater – and really, you will just set this baby apart from all the other babies who don’t have such fashionable design elements on their sweaters!

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