Working on September 1 Goals

August 24, 2010

I’ve been continuing my quarterly goals, during which I tally my stash in Ravelry and download the totals to an Excel spreadsheet, and add up the remaining yards.  I was a bit surprised that from April 1 to July 1 the number went up by almost 2000 yards.  All that knitting I did was cancelled out by trips to Olds, and various other stops along the way.  I enjoy my yarn, but I would also like to see the totals go down!  Therefore my goal for September 1 was to see the number go down from July 1, which is easier said than done!  In order to make it I need to knit another 700 yards by next Wednesday.  Good thing we are going camping this weekend, as camping for me now means sitting in the camp reading, and knitting.  I will try and work in some nature walks, but I really can’t be as active as I used to be, it really takes it out of me, and then I need a whole week to recover.  They don’t tell you in the advertisements that being pregnant can make you feel like you are 80!  They just concentrate on the cute baby.  So, 700 yards.  Its going to be difficult, but I’m going to try.

And of course I’m having a blast updating the tally in my spreadsheet every few days to see how close I’m getting.  Now I need to go and watch the first results show on So You Think You Can Dance Canada, because yes, my life is just that exciting, and I now have a few favorites I’d like to see stay, including one amazing dancer from Edmonton.  Four more rows of Icarus, then the finishing up!  That should be worth 100-200 more yards?


2 Responses to “Working on September 1 Goals”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    Good luck with your goal! Mine was to have fewer skeins in my stash by the end of the year. (Going by yardage… er… mileage… would have frightened me.) Despite having bought quite a bit of yarn, I’m still down 20% for the year.

  2. Heather said

    You should just remind everyone that, although it looks like you’re sitting around, you are in fact sitting around making an entire human being from scratch!

    I am excited to see your Icarus. I love that pattern!

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