Another Hat and a Weekend

August 31, 2010

This weekend alas, all I knit was this hat, all 138 yards of it, leaving me far off my goal for Sept 1, 450 yards short, or a rather largish pair of socks.  As much as I don’t like missing goals, what is there to do, I will just make my goals for the next quarter, which will be to have my stash number below 40 000 yards.  Four months is plenty of time for that! 

This hat took a few tries, by the way it is a Irish Hiking hat constructed from Manos el Uruguay simply because I had wanted to knit a three inch cuff that could be folded, but soon concluded (about 4 inches in) that I would run out of yarn pretty quickly.  I then almost got to the top, decided it was too short, and went back to add another cable repeat before doing the decreases.  Now it is just slightly short of the bottom of the ear, which may be just fine for someone out there.  I was going to gift this to a friend we went camping with this weekend down in Fernie, but as I didn’t finish until Sunday evening at home, that may not happen, Xmas box for you!

Speaking of this weekend in Fernie, we had a nice, rather uneventful time, if you don’t count the incredibly even rain that started Saturday night at 10 pm, and continued until at least noon on Sunday, at which time we started for home.  It was amazing, it never got heavier, it never got lighter, exactly the same for hours on end.  I may have been awake for awhile on Saturday night listening to it.  This will be our last camping trip now until next year, as my now 80 year old pregnant body apparently can’t handle sleeping on even an air mattress anymore.  I was amazed however that even thought I woke on Saturday morning with freezing cold feet, arms, legs, head, neck etc. my belly was like an oven, radiating heat. 

There were other adventures however, but not in the wild animal encounter variety, more of the nine year old daughter and eleven year old son of my friend variety.  I had met the son before, and find him to be a very nice young man, calm and level headed albeit eleven.  His sister was unfortunately incredibly curious about certain matters such as puberty etc.  I found myself having to answer direct questions on the subject, for rather a long time, as the level of curiosity was rather high.  I also found myself explaining why pregnant women need to go to the bathroom a lot, and have naps.  Needless to say I really don’t have a problem explaining these things, except that with the absence of her parents, (we were hanging out while the others went biking) I had no clear guidance about how to handle the situation.  Left up to my own I did what came naturally, insisted we use proper language and discuss the matter in the most scientific way possible, and stick to the facts.  She learned a few new proper terms, and I hope had some curiosity met.  I really can’t imagine what she is at home telling her Mum now, but if Oprah says she isn’t too young to learn these things, and let’s face it, she had a huge desire to learn, I don’t really think any harm was done. Both Mr. J and I were a bit shell shocked however, but I figure we had 9 years to figure it out with little Ryder. 

 Both the boy and girl did look at me rather askance when I said I did indeed like math, we were talking about them starting school at this point, and thought it was a rather worthwhile subject.  “Are you a teacher?” asked the boy scornfully, “No I’m an engineer,” I answered, “we do a lot of math”.   They were both still dubious.


4 Responses to “Another Hat and a Weekend”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    Definitely an, er… ‘interesting’ weekend. I guess it gives you a little taste of things to come!

  2. Ah, well. It’s better than the s3x & birth control/std prevention that I’ve been having with my niece for years now… boy, that was awkward to start off. It gets easier with time.

    I recently took a course about recognizing & preventing child s3xual abuse, and one of things that they stressed was to use the proper terms for everything from day one – it gives the children a sense of power & control over their own body, it avoids having them feel ashamed of things (compare : that’s your pen1s/vag1na vs. that’s your winkie), and god forbid anything happens, they can tell people about it more clearly. I’m going to blog about it all, once September settles in & we’re in the same province for more than a week. If you don’t feel comfortable about this kind of content for your blog, I totally understand you not publishing this comment! (Certain words seem to bring the trolls out of the internet.)

    That being said, I still kind of choked the first time I told Am about her “bajina”. But you did the right thing!

  3. Heather said

    My sister explained it all to Ian, using correct anatomical terms. It came up because my niece was trying to “educate” him. I have never been so grateful in all my life. You want them to have accurate information, but the discussion can’t help but be uncomfortable. Afterwards, we chatted about it a little, and I told him that there are a lot of kids who think they know, but they don’t actually know, so he might hear something weird, but what Anya told him was the truth, so come ask Mom if you want more information about it, trying to leave the door open. Wheew!

  4. Heather said

    BTW, nice hat.

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