Boy, Girl, or Undetermined

September 1, 2010

We go on Thursday for our 19 week scan, and we hope to find out if we have a little boy or girl.  I’m hoping the answer is not “undetermined” as I really want to find out.  Here is your chance to guess what is inside me (other than, hopefully, a baby that is)

Here are possible clues:

1) That is me at the left, all 19 weeks of me.  The belly seems to be going almost straight out now, and developing a nice outward trajectory.  I don’t know if its big enough yet to conclude I’m carrying high or low, but I would definitely say out rather than around

2) In my last check-up the heart rate was 155 bpm, which has been a fairly consistent number during the whole pregnancy.

3) The Chinese calendar says we’re having a girl.

4) I’ve been craving mostly real food, with salty and vinegar flavors.  This week is all about pizza, which I’m currently restraining myself from.  If I let the craving out I would be eating it breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Instead I had a tomato salad with plenty of vinegar to accompany dinner.  I have had periods of extreme hunger, but thankfully that has died down over the last 2-3 weeks.  At one point I would be eating, and just getting hungrier as I went, crazy!

5) My skin, which usually has acne, has cleared up.  I’ve only been washing with soap and water, which is excellent as you are not really supposed to use many acne remedies during pregnancy.

6) As for the mother’s instinct, or gut feeling, I don’t know that I have that one way or the other.  I have a preference, but I’d rather not say.  Let’s just say that if we have a little girl, and she ever utters the word “Princess” except in the sentence “Oh Look there is Princess Margaret on tv” she will need to drop and give me 20 push ups. 

Stay tuned Thursday night for the big reveal!  I can’t wait to find out!  Oh, we’ll also be finding out some more about the health of the baby, which will be good as well.  So far he/she/it is kicking up a storm, even though we can’t quite feel it from the outside yet.


10 Responses to “Boy, Girl, or Undetermined”

  1. Sunnyknitter said

    So exciting! Having no personal experience other than children that meow, I’m going to just guess and say a boy. Friends that have had boys seem to go out first, but who knows? Have fun on Thursday and hope that Bump is cooperative in positioning for determination!

  2. Hm. I’m guessing girl, based on the heart rate. Both my babies carried like boys – which they’re not – and I have no idea what the cravings mean. Did you try the wedding ring pendulum yet?

    (I’m also guessing girl because of the 6 pregnancies I know of right now, 4 are boys, 1 is a girl, and then… there’s Bump! Statistically, a girl. As an engineer, I bet you’ll appreciate that!)

    Here’s hoping it all goes well & Bump is feeling like a little exhibitionist.

  3. Cheryl S. said

    I’m guessing a girl, because then the odds are slightly in my favor.

  4. Teri said

    Boy. Only b/c I don’t know how to tell the difference!!

    I’m with you on the Princess thing (guess that’s why I got 2 boys).


  5. Anne said

    I’ll go with boy as well. 🙂

    And my SIL was totally overjoyed she got 2 boys. When pointed out to her SHE was a girl, and maybe she would have liked that she said “But I would know what to DO with a girl”. She’s probably right.

  6. margene said

    You’ll be great parents to either and I’m not taking sides. Your attitude towards a grrl seems right on target, too! She’ll have her hiking and riding legs at a very early age.

  7. Jen said

    I’m guessing girl too, just have a “vibe”. DYING to know! (Also feel oddly compelled to deliver you a pizza, I wonder why this is?)

  8. Sharon G. said

    I’m so happy for you guys! In our house, we have a little princess, but I assure you that she can hold her own even with a wand in her hand!! She swears she is going to be a barrel racing, horse jumping, doctor who also plays for the Flames when she grows up!!!

  9. Daddysgirl said

    I vote for girl, based on your cravings. I personally wanted a girl, as did DH, and we got a boy. Now we couldn’t imagine it any other way! I hope all went well!

  10. Heather said

    Your bump is adorable!

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