Photographic Evidence

September 28, 2010

There I am, last day of the conference in the fancy bathroom with a couch that I almost had a few naps on, except that I was running off to the next talk/meeting/event.  Its getting harder to take photographs of myself, as I find them hard to look at, but I know that one day I will want these photographs.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my belly and how Mr. J and I were watching it bounce around this weekend for the first time as she kicked and wiggled around.  My belly is measuring large, but I would argue its large compared to other people’s statistics, and nothing to do with what is normal for me.  I’m not about to let a Doctor change my due date, I know how old this baby is!  I love my belly, but I’m not enjoying the extra fat on my face, boobs, butt, legs etc.  In fact, I find it hard to look at in photographs.  I understand that a belly like this needs a good strong support from wide hips, and good strong legs, and that the fat is going to be useful for making food for my baby, but I still don’t like it.  I’ve been proactive as always, devising a plan and executing it.  I got a hair cut, bought new make up, done other things to make myself feel better, it may be superficial but it helps a lot.  I think of the old me that could bike for hours, go for a run, walk up stairs without panting.  I miss her, but I hope to meet her again on the other side of this and introduce her to my daughter.  In the meantime we’ll take photographs to document my body as it changes and swells, but only a select few will be made public, and mostly because my Mum likes to see them!  And in those ones the double chin will be hidden or otherwise unseen.


6 Responses to “Photographic Evidence”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    I think you look beautiful. And happy.

  2. Sharon G. said

    You look fantastic!!!!

  3. Anne said

    Seriously – as long as you and the wee one are healthy – all is good. (Annoying mebbe, but you are in such great shape, it’ll likely whoosh away before you know it once she arrives!).

  4. You know, my favorite coworker was the guy whose wife had twins. He always told me – so genuinely! – that I was tiny! Being the height I am, I don’t get to hear that a lot to begin with. Add on what seemed like an enormous second pregnancy, and voila. My favorite coworker.

    You look great. Enjoy your belly, she’ll be such a different personality once she’s here!

  5. Heather said

    You are so cute and pregnant-looking with your little bump!

    I agree about the power of makeup to increase self-esteem.

    Way to cook up a human being! Is there anything more powerful in the world than to make a person? Go, Anne!

  6. I think you look amazing. I realize it sounds like cliche, but today when I say you, you glowed. Enjoy this time when it really is about the two of you. It will be the only time.
    If your feeling tired and not sure you look your best, understand today you grew a lung! How many get to add that to their list of accomplishments for the day 😉

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