Big Merino Candy

October 12, 2010

Big Merino from Fleece Artist, which lately has proven irresistible.  Huge gauge, easy and quick to knit up, lovely colours, and a low price.  How could I leave without just one or two (or four from the last trip to my LYS to get needles, I didn’t find the needles, but I found the candy!). 

So far I’ve found this hat pattern from Knitty to try out, with plans of using the greens for a big thick chunky scarf.  I’m hoping the blue and pink turn into Christmas presents, that is if I can bear to part with them.


2 Responses to “Big Merino Candy”

  1. Totally blowing my own horn, but may I suggest my Mistaken Shawl? It is AWESOME. I snugged under it nursing Eleni, and I’m kind of glad that it’s gotten cool enough to wear it again. Super quick, uses four skeins. I wear it wrapped & tied behind my back. It’s free on Rav or my website.
    OTOH, I have another four skeins in my stash that are destined to become a lightly fulled short sleeved sweater… That yarn is just irresistible. Especially if you’ve been knitting socks or lace just previously.

  2. Cheryl S. said

    Mmmmm. They look so soft and fluffy!

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