FO: Flip-top Mittens

October 19, 2010

These mittens came together fairly quickly, but were a bit tricky to make.  It wasn’t the knitting, it was the little fiddly bits that were hard, like getting the bottom edges of the flip tops to be nice and tight (they are not).  The technique for making the flip tops was very fun to learn however, and it makes a seamless surface on the back of the mitten.  The little loop on the top of the mitten is officially my first ever I-cord, which I have stubbornly resisted learning until now.  I’m not sure why, I can just be stubborn that way.  Of course it was really easy, and there is a nice loop now to fix the flip top to the button when the mittens are worn in top down mode.  The button loop is a bit silly looking however when in top up mode.  The buttons are gorgeous, previously forgotten in the bottom of my button box and I am not sure where I got them.  What a stroke of luck however!  These do make great driving gloves (pictured above in their natural habitat, my car) keeping my fingers warm until the car heats up, and then allowing me endless access to fiddle with the radio and gesture obscenely at other drivers.  Or wave nicely, whatever.  They are knit in Madeleine Tosh, the pattern is from Ysolda Teague’s Whimsical Little Knits 2.


3 Responses to “FO: Flip-top Mittens”

  1. Heather said

    I like ’em! Usually flip mittens are utilitarian, these are fun fun fun!

  2. Monica said

    They are so beautiful! That colorway is especially gorgeous.

  3. Cheryl S. said

    Very cute! Love the buttons.

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