Off we go to the Sheep Farm

October 25, 2010

About an hour north of Calgary is Pasu Farms, a lovely little spot that is restaurant, sheep, geese, alpaca, chicken farm with some friendly dogs and a cat thrown in for good measure.  The sign warned us not to pet the animals, they might bite, but these dogs and cats were anything but!  Sucky pat lovers would be more like it, rolling over in a shameless way to expose their bellies (the dog not the cat of course).   Lunch was highlighted by apple pie, and ice cream which was pretty fabulous.  We took the opportunity to take some 26.5 week photos:

The white dots in the background are the sheep, who were shy.  I’m very glad I have a good supply of sweaters made in the 80’s and 90’s, with their generous sizing!  This sweater I made in about 1997-1998, before I had really figured out how to measure, block, or even make a gauge swatch.  Its huge!  I still love it however, with its 19 colours of Rowan wool, the original pattern is in an Alice Starmore book.  I kept wondering why I was running out of yarn and having to get more!  I still do wear it, and its warm and cozy on days like today, and now it still fits me!  Its probably going to fit up until the end of the pregnancy. 

And of course, there really were sheep:

This studly boy was being kept separate from the ladies until its time for him to have his fun!


4 Responses to “Off we go to the Sheep Farm”

  1. Heather said

    Wow! When you posted that picture on fb I thought “Good for Anne, buying herself a pregnancy sweater!” But you made it! What fabulous foresight you had.

    It’s really cute, love the cuffs and the colors.

  2. margene said

    Has anyone told you how cute your are!? Love the sweater and the fact that it fits over your growing belly. As Heather said, it was good foresight!!

  3. Cheryl S. said

    Look how smart you were to plan ahead! Now you can be stylish while keeping the lil’ darling warm.

  4. Billy said

    Lovely belly, lovely sweater! 🙂

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