New Kid in Town

November 6, 2010

There is a new independent dyer in town, who we know as the lovely Sam.  She has started up an on-line shop, and now has some product over at Make 1 under the name ‘Yummy Yarn Studios“. 

 I couldn’t resist the happy yarn pictured at left, mostly because I think it is going to make an adorable little baby sweater.  I found this garter stitch jacket that should be perfect for a new born.  I can’t wait to try out this pattern, it looks like its going to be good for making multiple sizes by just increasing yarn weight and needle size.  I have a few other odd balls of yarn that may work.  Plus since it looks like and quick, it could be good for making gifts! 

 I had to hide the tag however, since it was making me hungry for ice cream every time.  I think I may change the name in my head to just “blueberries” which is much more healthy.  I’m trying to detox from all that Hallowe’en candy, and the guys at work keep buying donuts which isn’t helping. 

All the best of luck to Sam!


4 Responses to “New Kid in Town”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    What a cute little cardigan! It should be delightful in the Blueberries and… uh… blueberries.

  2. Heather said

    That is a very cute sweater!

  3. Heather said

    Just printed the pattern and thought of a mod, although I LOVE i-cord. Another option for the button band might be 3 or 4 rows of reverse stockingette which would curl over backwards. I saw Sally Melville do this at a class once. It looks very cool, a big lot of bang for the buck.

  4. Anne
    Thank you so much for the mention. I am excited to see the final project and even more excited to see it on your new arrival.

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