A recreation

November 13, 2010

of me in the bathroom this morning discovering my first stretch marks under my belly.  I looked down, lifted the belly up, looked in the mirror and gazed in horror:

Oh the horror.


4 Responses to “A recreation”

  1. Monica said

    LOL Wait until you see what your breasts look like when you finish breast feeding. (But maybe I shouldn’t tell you that…) It’s all worth it, anyway! I nursed Livi for 18 months. 🙂

  2. sayingthings said

    Oh, it does suck, no way around that.

  3. Heather said

    Cocoa butter?

    Me, I just don’t look at ’em, but I had some before getting knocked up, so…

    On the up side, my fingernails grew so quickly I finally broke myself of the nasty habit of biting them, AND I got curly hair, which I had always wanted.

    Plus, of course, baby!

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