FO: Lindsay Socks

November 16, 2010

 These have been done for a little while now, but the time of year when it’s difficult to take photos is upon us.  Dark when we leave for work, dark when we leave to go home etc. etc.  The socks are the Lindsay Socks from Cookie A’s first book, and are made from Lisa Souza sock yarn.  It’s not showing up well but they are a mix of light green, blue, and white with dots of colour interspersed.  They fit like a dream, and are very comfortable to wear.  My co-worker caught me coming back in from outside after taking photos of my feet (always hard to explain) and expressed his disbelief that socks with holes could still keep your feet warm.  But as we know a good pair of warm socks keeps the toes happy, even if there are a few vent holes. 

By the way, this is the co-worker that used to help his mother rechart Cowichan look sweaters as a kid to upsize and downsize her pattern.  This is Canada after all, a lot of people knit just to keep warm in the winter, and apparently her sweaters were much in demand.  I have many, many other stories I could tell about this co-worker, but I won’t do it here.  Ask me sometime.  Let’s just say that today, with our at least 1 foot of snow that fell over night, was the first day he didn’t ride his motorcycle to work, he finally admitted defeat and drove his truck.  Which, like a woman he says, quit on him a few blocks from his house as he had ignored her for so long. 

We had an Alberta Clipper last night, and I don’t really know what that means other than we had a big snowfall, and traffic was pretty bad this morning.  The snow that fell compressed very quickly into hard packed ice, and made for some slippery spots.  I was feeling nostalgic for last year when I could just hop on the bus, then the train, and laugh at all the people stuck at traffic, but then Mr. J came back to the house to report that a bus hadn’t shown up in quite awhile.  We ended up driving together to a train stop so that he could get to work, and I went to my Doctor’s appointment.  As always, slow but steady wins the driving game!


3 Responses to “FO: Lindsay Socks”

  1. Heather said

    Love the local color, and the socks!

  2. Cheryl S. said

    Yep, riding a motorcycle in 1′ of snow is probably not the best idea. LOL.

  3. Monica said

    Beautiful socks! My socks knit from Lisa Souza Sock! are my very favorite to wear. They seem cozier than all the others. I’d love to hear more co-worker stories. Too bad I can’t come to your knit night… I love stories.

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