Baby’s First Potash Mine

November 25, 2010

This week I’m in Saskatchewan, which is actually kind of fun.  That is if I ignore the freezing temperatures, constantly blowing snow, icy road conditions, and various other signs of an early, long, and especially cold winter that we are now deeply into.  I think when I was visiting Saskatchewan once a month it was wearing on me, but now that I haven’t been here in over 9 months, and I haven’t traveled anywhere in about the same time, going on a road trip is a lot of fun.  So far we’ve done Calgary-Moose  Jaw-Regina-Moose  Jaw-Regina-Esterhazy-Regina-Saskatoon.  That is a lot of driving.  My boss has figured out that I prefer to knit over driving, and I feel a bit bad as he drove all day yesterday, I need to make sure I do my driving shift today!  Driving conditions are dicey to say the least, and we’ve been playing a rousing game of ” spot the vehicles in the ditch”.  As the roads are elevated here, and the ditches are deep, this is not always easy!

We’ve been visiting mostly engineering offices, but yesterday we went out to a potash mine, and got a bit of a tour down to where the water plant is.  So, baby’s first water plant tour!  I think she enjoyed it, even though she seems to be kicking through the meetings, and was asleep through the tour.  It can be hard to concentrate on business meetings when someone is trying to stick her foot out your belly button.  So far none of the people we have visited have mentioned the pregnancy, even those people whom I’ve met before!  Is that normal?  I can’t figure out if its stranger that no one mentions it, or if everyone had mentioned it.  I comfort myself knowing that at least I will be memorable, because not only are there few female sales people, but there are even fewer female sales people with a giant belly in front of her.  The receptionists keep bringing me water, and showing me where the toilet is, which is very good. 

The name of the game today is to go to our meetings, and figure out how to get my boss to go close to the Wool Emporium so that I can have a quick visit with the “Wall of Saskatchewan”.  We have a meeting close by, and there is a sandwich shop in the same plaza, which may work on my unsuspecting boss.  Wish me luck!  Photos that are mostly snow next week!


One Response to “Baby’s First Potash Mine”

  1. Heather said

    Baby’s First Mine, awesome!

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