Puffed Stitch Obsession

November 30, 2010

 I’ve been having a really good time with the Shroom Hat pattern recently, and have been working on modifying it to make it work a bit better with 1 skein of Big Merino.  I think I’ve got my formula down now to get a bit more flop out of the top of the hat.  What I like about it is the nice broad brim that can be worn higher on your head, or pulled down over your ears on colder days.  If I don’t have my ears covered, they freeze really easily since they’ve almost been frostbitten so many times.  The Big Merino is so nice and soft, and fluffy really.  It will pill, but in a way that will make the hat warmer and more wind resistant.  That is my story anyhow.  I had originally bought the 4 matching skeins of green yarn to make myself a hat scarf combo, with the idea of using the puffed stitch in the scarf.  It’s easy to convert to flat knitting, and makes a nice thick scarf.  From the back it just looks like ribbing.  I started with the smaller 5 mm needles and did 4 rows of ribbing to hold the end in, then went up to the 8 mm needles for the main body.  One ball of yarn made the scarf 30 inches long, it is 5 repeats across, with 1 stitch selvages at either side, always knit.  Normally I aim for a 60 inch scarf, but I’d like this one to go around my neck twice, which is a style I’m seeing in a lot of ads lately.  I plan to put fringe at each end, because that is super cool.  I’m making the scarf first, as I know I just need to reserve 1 ball of yarn for the hat, therefore I have 3 skeins I can put into the scarf to make it any length I feel like, and as much fringe as I want.  Oh the joy!  And on 8 mm needles, it’s coming along quickly.


One Response to “Puffed Stitch Obsession”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    It looks very soft and squishy!

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