December 13, 2010

 Last weekend was an early Christmas dinner with the family out here in Calgary, and my marching orders from my brother were to make an Italian dessert, NOT TIRAMISU.  I’m not sure what he has against tiramisu, but the orders were clear.  He then made fun of me because I did indeed spell Italian as Italien in my e-mail back to him, and called me a non-spelling redneck.  Originally in retaliation for that comment I vowed to make banana pudding a la southern way, or white trash sundae, but then I had a wave of cake craving come over me.

My cravings lately come fast and strong, are usually happy with one serving of something, and then go away, except for the citrus juice craving.  Can’t get enough orange juice.  The cake craving had been building for awhile, especially as I’ve been trying to eat as healthy as possible, and give up sugar as much as I can, as it seems that I’m growing a monster baby.  But as Bill Cosby used to say, cake is essentially flour, butter, and eggs, and that can’t be all bad now can it?  Obviously a chocolate cake, made from scratch was required.  I turned to my trusty Southern Living cookbook, because if you are going to do something like make a cake, I say do it wholeheartedly, and with chocolate buttercream icing.   They pull no punches down south in terms of cutting the calories. 

But it had to be an Italian dessert.  Therefore I scoured the grocery store looking for “Italian Chocolates” to put on top for decoration, and for that authentic touch.  I ended up finding Italian Hazelnet truffle chocolates (made in Delta B.C.) which were perfect.  We had our “Eye-Italien” chocolate cake.

We were very happy, some more than others, but the whole family had stomach aches by the end of the evening.  I hope my brother has learned his lesson, and doesn’t mess with me again, but if the last 37 years are any indication, the answer is definitely no.


3 Responses to “Cake!Cake!Cake!Cake!”

  1. Italien is the German word for Italy, so what is his problem? 😉 Looks yummy 🙂


  2. Heather said

    Looks like it was a hit!

  3. Jen said

    That cakes looks delicious! I’m glad to see it was appreciated properly!

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