FO: Green Cabled Yoke Cardigan

December 14, 2010

 This cabled cardigan has really got my heart, I love it.  The pattern is from Drops, and I initially picked it as I was sure this yarn would look good in cables, and the limitation of 5 skeins made me want to pick something sleeveless.  Originally I had bought all the green Peace Fleece that the store had, otherwise I would have gotten another skein.  The Peace Fleece is a new favorite, such a beautiful green colour, so bright and cheerful, but not too far into the yellow spectrum.  It has little flecks of blue throughout.  I now want to buy a sweaters worth of Peace Fleece in each colour (especially their orange) but am restraining myself.  I did end up having a whole skein and a bit left over, so a lot of yardage.  I can wear this sweater even now, but it does look a bit funny with my giant beach ball of a belly sticking through the bottom.  I had been worried about the sleeve caps being too large, and sticking out too much.  They don’t however, and the yoke fits very nicely around my shoulders, and I think will even fit well once my bust goes back to a more normal size. 

Once again I bought buttons that cost more than the yarn for the sweater.  However when I saw these pewter pinecones in the Susie Q bead shop in Ingelwood (a neighbourhood here in Calgary) I was pretty sure they would be perfect.  I love the texture, shape, and colour of these buttons, and think they really go well with the sweater.  Sometimes a button decision is so obvious, the price doesn’t really matter anymore.  This bead shop has a good selection of pewter, and antique buttons, albeit in smaller quantities.


3 Responses to “FO: Green Cabled Yoke Cardigan”

  1. Monica said

    It turned out gorgeous! This is the one we talked about, way back when, isn’t it? I want to make one even more, now that I’ve seen yours! I *love* the green and the pine cone buttons.

  2. Cheryl S. said

    It looks lovely – I’m looking forward to seeing you in it. The buttons are awesome!

  3. Anne said

    LOVE it – the cables show up beautifully!!

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