A Year to Be Grateful For

January 1, 2011

I’ve had a really good year, so many dreams have come true.  I’ve also been overwhelmed with gratitude to friends and family for how much we’ve received this year, in love, friendship, advice, and help for the new baby.  Calgary is a wonderful city we’ve discovered, filled with people who are more than willing to pass along their baby items they no longer need.  It is a huge help for us, who aren’t even sure what we need, and are so grateful to receive items for free, rather than having to buy something Baby Girl will only use for a short time.  Buying new items for a baby just doesn’t make much sense to me, except for those few things that absolutely have to be new.  We even managed to buy her cloth diapers from the consignment area of a store, and they are perfectly serviceable! 

My brother and Sister in law have been particularly generous, giving us a crib, changing table, and so many other items from when their kids were little babies.  I really can’t believe they kept so many things, even baby toys.  I remember my SIL getting so many of these items at her first baby shower.  But she kept an even greater treasure trove, all the little sweaters and outfits made for the girls over the years, including two I made!  I’ve got them all hung up in the closet upstairs now, ready to grace another little girl with the love of her Mum, Grandmother, Aunties, and other relatives.

 These are the two that I had made, the green one will fit a 1-2 year old, so I hope we get a lot of use out of it either next year or the following winter.  The blue one will hopefully be good to use next winter.  I love the thought that what I made for my nieces is now going to be used by my daughter. 

I feel very lucky, overwhelmed, and grateful for the kindness of family, friends, and friends of friends who have helped out my Baby Girl already. 

I’ve got the blacked eyed peas on the stove, getting ready to become some good luck New Years Day Hoppin’ John, some banana pudding being assembled, and a few other dishes that are along the lines of my southern cookin’ theme that I do every time this year.  I’ve added in a new one for kicks whose main ingredients are pineapple chunks, cheddar cheese, and ritz crackers.  I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out (wonderful or terrible I’m thinking) but I just couldn’t resist its southern charm.  Happy New Year to everyone!


3 Responses to “A Year to Be Grateful For”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    It looks like baby girl will be well taken care of!
    Happy New Year!

  2. margene said

    It sounds like you’re ready to begin this new adventure!! May it be the best year yet! Happy 2011 to you and your (new) family.
    We have Hoppin Johns ready to eat later today, too!

  3. Heather said

    So sweet that you have family knits!

    Sounds like you’re ready to enjoy your baby!

    Have you installed the car seat and put the crib together? My sister gave us a crib, which I later brought to our other sister…We set the crib up in the living room and then had to take it apart as it wouldn’t fit through the door into the bedroom. We found out later that this is a classic rookie mistake!

    Wish you were here, I have a glider rocker I’d give you. Needs new cushions, but you could sew ’em. Glider rockers are great for rocking the baby to sleep/watching TV at 2 am because the baby is STILL NOT ASLEEP.

    Your baby will be a great sleeper, though, I know it!

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