Baby Hats

February 9, 2011

 I’ve learned a few things about baby hats, now that I have an actual baby to experiment on!  One thing I did correctly was make warm hats for when we are outside.  She wears the pom-pom bobble hat when we go for walks together outside, and I just about die from the cuteness that is her.  She also wears her green bonnet for outings outdoors, and I must get a photo of her in that soon!  It fits her newborn head perfectly.  What I didn’t realize is that babies are normally indoors, and need indoor hats!  Althea needs to wear a little hat most of the time to keep her heat in, and as high as we have our temperature setting in the house, when it gets cold outside the house also cools down considerably.  She has been wearing the little pink hat given to her in the hospital a lot, she is wearing it in the photo at left just as she is getting ready to be taken out of the bouncy chair.  Demanding to be taken out is more like it!  She goes for about 10 minutes before she is done!   The hat is acrylic, and has ladders up the sides, but it does the job I guess. 

 The first thing I worked on when we got home was a little indoor hat, and I’m making another one from bamboo yarn as well.  The little green and white cap is thinner, and a bit tighter than the pink one so that it stays on longer.  Plus she looks like a cute little elf in it.  Making hats from superwash is difficult, as you need to make them a bit smaller to start off with, as they stretch quite a lot upon washing.  This is her natural pose after a feeding, and her little cheeks are all pushed up by her arm.


5 Responses to “Baby Hats”

  1. margene said

    Your baby, Miss Althea, is a doll!!!

  2. Jo said

    What a sweet little darling you have! Enjoy every minute with her, they pass so quickly.

  3. Kourtney said

    First: Awwwww, teeny baby! She’s beautiful!

    Second: With Eleni, I made a very deeply ribbed hat that I could cuff and it would stay on her head. I still have a small collection of baby hats – would you like to borrow them?

    Third: I’m glad it sounds like you’re doing so well!

  4. Heather said

    Oh my goodness, she is the CUTEST BABY EVER!!!

  5. Mary said

    Althea is oh so beautiful Anne! I think she has Mr. J’s eyes. So happy for you and Mr. J. Enjoy each and every moment.. it goes by so quickly!

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