Working on a Baby Blanket

February 14, 2011

 When I get a minute here, or Althea is busy napping on my lap, I fit in a little bit of mindless knitting on her baby blanket.  It is just the right combination of mindless with a bit of mind.  At the Boxing Day sale I chose 6 colours of Cashmerino Aran that complimented each other.  The blanket is 12 squares, and every colour will be in each position (first, second, third etc) twice.  Therefore when you pick which colour is next you need to make sure it hasn’t been already used twice in that position!  So a bit of thinking along with the mindless garter stitch. 

Once I’m done it will need to be sewn together, and all those ends sewn in, which will take a long time, but I do like how colourful it is. 

Thank-you to everyone who has sent along their congratulations on the birth of Althea, I really appreciate it.  I’m still finding a few minutes here and there to get on the internet, and haven’t had a chance to respond to everyone yet!


2 Responses to “Working on a Baby Blanket”

  1. MarDe said

    I love the design of the baby blanket you are working on. May I ask for the guidance on the purchase of the pattern. Thank you.

  2. Debbie said

    I left you a couple of comments and haven’t seen your response. I understand you are busy with Althea but am wondering if you could perhaps let me know where I can go about the pattern. I love the design you are making for baby blanket.

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