February 23, 2011

 My little newborn is now over 5 weeks old, and definitely into her babydom now.  If you had asked me over 5 weeks ago what was so special about a newborn, I would have answered that they were kinda small, and some are cute, some aren’t.  But now that I have had my own newborn to experience, I understand more why women who have come up to look at Althea have such a misty look in their eye as they coo over how small and cute she is.  They are remembering their own newborns, who may now be big huge grown people now. 

I think I’m reaching a point where I’ve been sprinting for over 5 weeks, and its time to hit my stride and transition to endurance mode.  I’ve been in “go” mode now, and haven’t had the time to stop, and acknowledge how much my life has changed.    It’s been hitting me a bit lately, just how drastically my life has changed, and that it will never be the same again.  Going to the store top pick up a few groceries now involves so many logistics, as to make it almost impossible.  I did successfully navigate my first diaper change on a screaming infant in the grocery store bathroom, after which I got her back into her carrier, and danced her around the store until she fell asleep.  Only to be shoved back into the (torture) car seat, which she hates.  The realization of my new reality still hasn’t been fully grasped, as I’m still running from diaper change, doctor’s appointment, three feedings a night, tummy time, baths, and all the other elements that go into a newborn’s day.  We try and get out once a day, which lately means going to the mall as it’s so cold out.  This seems to help my mood immensely, and makes me feel like we’re getting something done.  otherwise days can slip by with day time tv, nursing, cat naps here and there (Althea, not me) and diaper changes. 

Overall I would say things are going really well however.  We have so many good moments during the day, and I’m finding many things to enjoy.  Althea seems to be developing something new each day, lately she has discovered her tongue!  Mr. J and I are getting better as well as we master new skills such as putting a shirt on over her head for the first time.  It wasn’t pretty, she cried, but she looked so cute!   The next time was better!  When she cries, the reason for it is usually obvious to me, and we can fix it pretty quickly (unless there is some reason why we can’t, like never put her in the car seat!  She hates the car seat).  Like every new parent, we really didn’t have a clue about what we were getting ourselves into, but hopefully we are figuring it out well.  Only time will tell won’t it?


2 Responses to “Newborn”

  1. margene said

    I have faith in you. She and you (both) will come through with flying colors.

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