Sweater Fashion Show

March 15, 2011

Baby surprise jacket in Smoochy sock yarn.  Perfect for a new born to perhaps 3 months.  Easy to get on and off, nice to wear, definitely something good to make for future baby presents.  The butterfly buttons were a bad idea, they are pointy, and catch on the edge of the button holes.

Top down garter yoke cardigan.  Made with fashionable 3/4 length sleeves (I ran out of yarn!)  This is a great pattern (check Rav for the link) and is easy to get her into and out of.  I think it’s going to fit her awhile longer as it is wide.  The worsted weight yarn is so cute, and the colours matches a number of outfits, and spit-up is invisible on it.  A definite good one for a baby present.

This green outfit was a labour of love on my part, as it took a long time to knit.  However it does fit her, and I think it looks great.  The sweater is a bit difficult to get her into, which is not ideal, but once on it is comfy.  I haven’t wanted to tie the ribbons up yet, and will probably just take them out.  Althea likes to hold them and drool on them.  I am of the opinion that a baby looks cutest in a bonnet, and this one especially.  Its starting to get a bit small on her now, and is slipping off the back of her head in this photo.  I need to get some better shots of this ensemble before she outgrows it completely.


5 Responses to “Sweater Fashion Show”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    She is so darn cute! Especially in her knits.

  2. Heather said

    Oh my goodness, each picture is cuter than the last!

    I will make a note of the butterfly button issue…

    How cute that she stuffs her wee fists in her mouth. Has she found her feet yet? LOVE THAT!

  3. Kristal said

    Thanks for the fashion show. You have a lovely and charming model!

  4. melanie said

    Love the green one. I need to take a photo of Fionnuala in her bonnet before she grows out of it too.

  5. Mary said

    Oh so cute! I absolutely love the green sweater on Althea!

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