A Flock of Robins

March 30, 2011

Around a week ago Althea and I saw a whole flock of robins on our walk.  Instead of just one harbinger of spring, we saw over 10.  Alright, I saw them, she was asleep.  I promptly expected spring to be here immediately, with warm weather, melting snow, and flowers peeping through the gardens.  It snowed every day for the next week.  The temperature was high enough however that we could still get out on our almost daily walks.  We have a lovely paved, plowed walking trail that takes us around the houses to overlook the local coulee, and the river basin and it takes about an hour, or a babies naptime to get around.  I have a comfy carrier for Althea, and really enjoy going on these walks with her.  I also enjoy when Mr. J takes her on these walks, and I stay home and do chores or nap.  At the end of the hour I’m very ready for my little girl to make it home again. 

Aside:  GGM says that carrying your baby, rather than putting her in the parambulator (remember, never touch your baby) is against her religion.  We may as well move back into the caves!  In my opinion however it’s a great idea; you can keep your baby warm, always kiss her head, check that she is okay instantly, and you get a better work out on your walk from carrying your baby. 

Things have changed around here drastically in the last couple of weeks.  The original plan was for Mr. J to work until August, then to take six months of paternity leave, and I would go back to work.  His work had other plans however, and granted him early paternity leave, four months early to be exact.  An okay severence package means that we are going to be able to swing Mr. J staying home until January as planned.  It doesn’t make sense for him to get a job for a month or two, and I don’t want to have to put Althea in day care at six months.  So here we are, all three of us at home now!  I will still go back to work in August.  Our day starts around 9 am when we get up to watch The Daily Show and the Colbert Report (Althea insists on being informed politically) and then we watch the old Star Trek.  Althea eats, naps, plays, we may go out and do whatever, and we try and get a walk in the afternoon.  We’re trying to get going on Althea’s bedtime routine, with bath, stories, and quiet time in her room in order to help her go to sleep.  Life is very pleasant, and we’re enjoying spending time together as a family.  I can’t say I’m getting more chores done, or more off my “to do ” list, but I am eating more regularly, and I’m getting a shower more regularly.  I don’t have to put Althea down as much screaming as I had to, as her Dad can now hold her and keep her happy.  Mr. J now gets to share these early months, and get more little girl snuggles than it would if he only got home at 7 pm every night.  And let me tell you, little girl snuggles are not to be missed.


2 Responses to “A Flock of Robins”

  1. Katherine said

    I am glad that this change is making some bonding time for your family. I would be super stressed out in your position, but I don’t know J’s field, and it is true that those snuggles are not to be missed. In the long run, it is probably a big blessing for both of you to get to be home; it’s cool that you are able to take the long view right now.

  2. melanie said

    Spring isn’t really here until after the big April snowstorn – which we had this weekend so now it is officially Spring!

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