Beans on Toast

April 25, 2011

When I was a kid my Dad had a few special dishes he would make the kids, one of which was beans on toast.  This seems to be an English thing, as I was surprised when I went to England back in the last nineties how many restaurants served beans on things.  The beans are those normally called “pork and beans” or beans in tomato sauce, I usually buy the vegetarian kind to avoid the pork bits.  On my trip I indulged in beans on jacket potatoes, beans on yorkshire pudding, which was particularly yummy.  There is a very specific way to make beans on toast for optimum taste:

1) heat up the beans in a small pot

2) toast two pieces of bread

3) Butter the bread

4) smother the toast with beans

5) cover with liberal amounts of salt and and pepper

It all goes together so well, the toast gets a bit hard, the butter melts and gives a lovely flavour.  The beans soften the toast, and of course the English love their salt and pepper.  The beans should go over the side of the toast, and fill the plate.

Doesn’t that all sound so simple, easy, and delicious?  All parts going together in a smooth melody, no part of which should be changed?  Here is where I explain that Mr. J is doing a lot of the cooking and food preparation these days, as I’m usually busy with the baby.  We’ve gotten good at me starting a receipe, and him having to finish it.  Unfortunately he has a problem with making something like beans on toast exactly as required, but instead needing to change things!  Change things, you can’t change something like that, not when I’ve been eating it since childhood!  The English aren’t really known for changing things either, after all they still wore their wool suits in India, and the women their full gowns.  You don’t “Make the World England” by changing receipes.  But he insisted on his batch of beans on toast; not adding butter, using hot sauce instead of salt and pepper, painstakingly making sure none of the beans fell off the bread instead of “smothering”.  I’m pretty sure it wasn’t as good as the original, but he maintained it was better.  I think he was just being stubborn on that point, but to each their own!  Both of us being home with the baby is a lot of fun, even if we have huge pretend arguments over how to make beans on toast.


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