Purple Sweaters and GGM

April 28, 2011

Althea received this beautiful purple sweater from the talented MerlPerp, and it’s been getting a lot of use.  The pattern is from her Vintage Baby Knits book, which has many cute patterns.  I can highly recommend this pattern, it fits my 3.5 month old nicely, and is going to fit for awhile to come.  The pom-pom closures are delightful, and it’s really easy to get Althea into and out of it.  Althea tends to spend a lot of the day hanging around in her sleepers, with a little sweater on for some warmth.  I gave up on indoor hats once she was older, it’s hard to keep them on her head!

Last Sunday we went over for Easter lunch at GGM’s house.  She had wanted us over for dinner, but I asked for a lunch instead so that we could get home in time to start Althea’s nighttime routine, I had also wanted to avoid any baby meltdowns due to being tired.  The visit wasn’t too bad, GGM and GM got lots of quality time with Althea, who is now smiling back at people and interacting really well.  There was of course a lot of ” put her down”, “Why can’t you just put her down”, “Won’t she just fall asleep if you leave her lying on the couch”.  Well, no actually she won’t fall asleep in a new place just lying on the couch by herself, and she is going to roll over any time now, so I wouldn’t do that either.  I explained that being in a new place leads to a lot of stimulus, and Althea isn’t really able to shut that down and fall asleep on her own her.   All the books are saying she isn’t expected to be able to do this until she is over 4 months old, so I’m not too worried.  Of course GM had great advice “It’s okay if they cry a little bit you know”, which may or may not be true, but I’m not about to let my baby cry over some thing she may not be capable of developmentally yet!  I put the baby in the carrier twice in order to get her to sleep, which she does quickly, and walked her around the house.  GGM couldn’t really believe that, why would I carry the baby instead of using a stroller?  I tried to explain why I like it better, but I don’t think it quite computed.  They think we’re just daft, but I think the older generation thinks that of most of this generation.  All our new fangled ideas based on studies and data.  It is also true that if you do something different raising your child than another woman did, it is very hard for that woman to accept it, as you are automatically stating that you thought she made mistakes.  That woman will fight forever to try and convince you that they way they raised their child in the fifties is the way you should be raising your child.  I’ve come to the conclusion that the happy contented glow around new mothers is actually them smiling and singing to their babies as they totally ignore all the advice from their relatives who are trying to convince them to leave their babies on the street to cry.

Honestly the worst part was the liver dumpling soup, and the fact that GGM, GM and even Mr. J pressured me to “try them” even though I know I hate liver.  I hate liver with the hatred that comes from being made to eat liver once a week growing up.  I’ll leave you a second to absorb the horror of the previous statement.  It’s not only that liver tastes horrible, smells horrible, and looks horrible, it is the organ that cleans the blood, and all the chemicals that chicken was force fed are probably in there, along with many other nasty things you don’t want in your food.  I secretly think GGM has now made this liver dumpling soup the last two visits in order to have chicken liver on hand to secretly feed the baby if I’m not vigilient, or she feels the need to feed me liver in order to “strengthen my milk”.  She also put bacon on perfectly good broccoli salad, but that is a whole other problem, bacon on everything.  Did I mention I also hate bacon?  Here’s the thing.  I have my ideas, and you may have yours about what you should eat, and I think we are all entitled to those ideas and should be allowed to practice them without pressure.  I’m not going to sit at your lard, liver, and bacon laden table and spout reasons why you shouldn’t eat those items, I just don’t want to eat them myself.  Please don’t make me eat those things in order to not be rude, and we’ll all get along.  And for once and for all, I HATE LIVER!!


4 Responses to “Purple Sweaters and GGM”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    AMEN! My ex mother-in-law once gave me some appetizers that I THOUGHT were stuffed mushrooms. Until I popped one in my mouth. They were chicken liver. I had to spit it out in my napkin.

  2. sayingthings said

    Wait, you hate bacon? I did not realize that such people exist in this world. Huh. But you are certainly not unusual in hating liver, and I’m with you on that.

  3. Heather said

    Blech, liver.

  4. Mel said

    One of the women at work (she has grown children) sat me down this week and told me how attachment parenting was bullshit. I just nodded and didn’t agree or disagree either way because I do like her. People are going to have their opinions. The best tool I have gained being a parent is the ability to say (either silently or out loud) “That’s nice that you think that, but my baby likes it this way”.
    And this whole bacon thing, you should probably seek counselling on. Bacon is wonderful. Almost as wonderful as babies.

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