My Two Front Teeth!

May 27, 2011

We are on day 3 of constant rain here in Calgary, which is very unusual and poses a very serious flooding risk for so many places.  After all the rain falls here, and runs down in to the Bow River, it heads over to Saskatchewan where it tends to cause the most problems.  We are sitting pretty up here on a big hill, and to tell you the truth it hasn’t been bothering me as much as it normally would.  I have a great excuse not to mow the lawn, or feel like I need to be out doing gardening already.  I need to do these things, but I can’t when it’s raining! 

This was my week to stay home and work on getting the baby to nap in her crib for her 1 pm nap (as opposed to her 10 am, or 4 pm nap).  The first day she slept in her crib for half an hour, which isn’t much but it was progress.  The second day I couldn’t even get her to sleep, plus we had had a bad night the night before with her waking every 2 hours.  I had also noticed a bit of a regression to her not wanting to be put down, to needing constant comforting which meant something was up.  I was not sure if it was a developmental leap, but when I noticed a little tooth poking through her bottom gum, all was explained.  We had thought she was teething, but never having observed close hand a teething infant, we weren’t sure if the signs were all there or not.  Besides, infants can have teething behavior for weeks and weeks with no teeth coming through.  On Wednesday one tooth broke through her gums, and on Thursday the second one was through.  I don’t have photos because you can really only see them when she is screaming, and I’m usually busy rocking, shushing, or attempting other methods to comfort her.  So our little girl is growing up so fast already, with two front teeth with which she is now biting our knuckles.  Some one gave us a vibrating teething ring which she is getting the hang of, and her parents love making jokes about it.  I won’t tell you what they are, as they are rather inappropriate, but I’m sure you can imagine some.  We also need to stop making jokes and rude comments about some of the story books we read her once she begins to understand us, but right now we amuse ourselves highly. 

She is doing so many new things lately, a little laugh, getting her foot fairly far into her mouth, rolling over almost, growing new hair (Mummy is waiting anxiously for pigtails) getting both feet into her mouth, and her little hands are into everything.  GGM has given up on saying she is underweight after being shown the fat rolls on her fingers and toes, and is now insisting she is sick and has allergies as she coughed and sneezed at her visit the other day.  Always something eh?

I had a few down days last week, I think I’m going through a mourning process for my old life in which I could bike any time I wanted to, go to work, travel, take a bath, eat, go for a run, go to knitting circles, essentially what I wanted when I wanted.  When I feel down I like to let myself feel the emotions fully, and not try to suppress them too much, but get them out, and I felt better after two days.  Mourning the old life, and blossoming into my new one filled with toes in mouth, baby laughs, raspberries on cute round bellies, and two little front teeth.


Or da slog as I’m beginning to call it.  This is why we all pretty much hate to knit for deadlines, because then you have to concentrate on only a project, or two, when you want to rotate between 4 or 5.  As difficult as it is I am staying on task and making good progress.  First off the big one, my wedding stole:

 I am finished with the edging, and am currently working on the third repeat of the body of the shawl.  The pattern says to do 10, but we will see how far I get.  I figure I need to do 5 rows a day, but with each row being around 240 stitches, that is a fairly demanding goal.  The body pattern has patterning on both sides, but it is easier than the border pattern, and I do not need to refer constantly to the pattern which makes it go faster.  It is however extremely easy to drop stitches and not notice it, there is a smaller hole, and then a larger one that I have saved on a safety pin that I will have to go back later and fix.  What a headache!  If I stay on track, this should be done for the wedding!

Second up is the green stole for my matron of honour, it is a pattern from Nancy Bush’s Lace Knitting in Estonia.  It is a straightforward pattern which I can work on without too much effort in the car or when I’m waiting for the baby to fall asleep.  It is based on 10 row repeats, which the pattern says to do 32 of.  I’m on the 11th one now, so 1/3 of the way there, I hope to do a patten repeat a day, and I’ve already done the final edging.  It does not look like much now as the yarn is dark, and it is not all stretched out, but it will look okay, and it matches my friend’s dress really well.  Again, I think I can get this done on time!

Some Salty Dogs

May 21, 2011

Last weekend we headed over to Salmon Arm, British Columbia for the first mountain bike race of Mr. J’s season, the Salty Dog six hour endurance race.  That meant that he rode around the course for six hours, and completed a very respectable six laps.  He probably could have done another lap, but by the time you get off your bike and take a little break, it becomes very difficult to get back on it again!  Especially when you get to hold something so cute:

Althea and I stayed for the beginning of the race, and came back for the end, with a walk and a bit of a lounge in the hotel in the in between time.  She was by no means the only baby there, nor the youngest, and with over 60 little bikers taking part in the mini-race, the Salty Pup, the place was teeming with kids.  These mountain biking events are truly wonderful places for families, hanging out in the outdoors, getting lots of exercise, and having a lot of fun.  Only six years until Althea can be a Salty Pup. 

The baby is now at the age where it is getting difficult to feed her in public, as there are way, way too many other things to look at.  She eats a bit, pulls off, looks around, eats a bit, repeat.  When I use the cover she is generally grabbing it and stuffing it into her mouth pretty quickly, unless she is really, really hungry.  Once the edge is off however, away goes her attention again!  I have discovered I can feed her in the passenger seat of the truck, and it is fairly private, or as we did, head back to the hotel for a few hours.  On the way out there I even fed her in the Lake Louise visitors center in a nice quiet secluded spot, that was until Mr. J turned on the educational display in front of us.  I’m still training him not to make distractions! 

We absolutely loved Salmon Arm, or the Shuswap Valley in particular, which I think is part of the Okanagan Valley area.  In Calgary things are barely, barely getting green, whilst a short six hour drive away, over the continenal divide:

Lush green, lilacs out, warm air, sweet smells, flowers everywhere, big trees, beautiful hobby farms, mountains, lakes, so nice.  It seemed like Ontario but with mountains, which for those of us from Ontario you will know what that means.  No matter how much we like the dry climate out here, we miss the lush greens of where we grew up.  We will definitely be coming back here, and if we had unlimited money we would be buying a little place, I can understand why so many people retire over here.  I’m hoping Mr. J and I can enter as a team next year, hopefully I’ll be able to pull off a lap or two.

FO: Swallowtail Shawl

May 13, 2011

This has been finished for a little while, but photos were taken yesterday.  The alpaca lace yarn is so light that I just touched it up against the wooden fence and it stayed.

The pattern is from an old Interweave magazine, and the yarn is alpaca lace dyed in the Sage and Cedars Colourway by Wooly Wonka.   It was the perfect little project to knit on while I had a sleeping baby in my lap.  I’m working on more lace now for that very reason!

4 Months

May 10, 2011

Here we are, we’ve made it 4 months already!  Althea is now a healthy 14.3 lbs, and has grown 1/2 an inch in the past 3 weeks.  She has gone through a bit of a growth spurt in the last little while, if my appetite is anything to judge by.  Her sleep has been terrible the last few nights, only 3 hours at the longest stretch, then 1-2 hour patches after that.  This is after an 8 hour stretch, the longest ever last Thursday night.  Last night was much better however, as she did a 4 hour stretch, which meant I got a whole 4 hours in a row as well.  I’m hoping we’re into the sleeping portion of this growth spurt now.  We’ve been out enjoying our sunshine, as Althea is now happy to sleep in the stroller as I push her around.  I think the hardest part right now is getting Althea to sleep once she is overtired, we have to make sure she naps ever 1.5 hours, which can be hard as we try to get stuff done.  She is also in the difficult to feed stage, as there are so many other interesting things to look at!  Once she gets enough milk to take the edge off the hunger she is busy looking around, and if we’re in public pulling on the nursing cover, and trying to sit up to see what is going on. 

There is so much fun and joy in our lives however.  When we lean over the crib in the morning we are generally greeted by a huge smile.  She loves to blow spit bubbles at us, and babble in cute sounds.  We’re almost getting laughs, and she is just about to roll over on her own.  She loves “Yellow Submarine” by the Beatles, “Hope on Pop”, and appears to be scared of hippos (we recently tried to read her a book on hippos belly buttons, which made her cry every time we put it in front of her) and really loud noises.  Her favorite toy is a wet rag, and a Winnie the Pooh bear, along with her rabbit blanket.  Her Dad and I are getting better at many things as well, namely putting her to sleep, looking after her needs, and managing our needs as well.  It is much easier when work isn’t getting in the way! 

For Mother’s Day Mr. J got Althea a Bumbo so that she can sit up (reclining is for little babies according to her) some diaper covers, and sentimental books that made me cry.  So sweet.  I didn’t have to change the poopy diapers, but best of all I got a bike ride outside.  It was in the rain, I was freezing cold by the time I got home, but it was wonderful.  Things are only going to get more interesting from here on!