Update on Wedding Knitting

May 23, 2011

Or da slog as I’m beginning to call it.  This is why we all pretty much hate to knit for deadlines, because then you have to concentrate on only a project, or two, when you want to rotate between 4 or 5.  As difficult as it is I am staying on task and making good progress.  First off the big one, my wedding stole:

 I am finished with the edging, and am currently working on the third repeat of the body of the shawl.  The pattern says to do 10, but we will see how far I get.  I figure I need to do 5 rows a day, but with each row being around 240 stitches, that is a fairly demanding goal.  The body pattern has patterning on both sides, but it is easier than the border pattern, and I do not need to refer constantly to the pattern which makes it go faster.  It is however extremely easy to drop stitches and not notice it, there is a smaller hole, and then a larger one that I have saved on a safety pin that I will have to go back later and fix.  What a headache!  If I stay on track, this should be done for the wedding!

Second up is the green stole for my matron of honour, it is a pattern from Nancy Bush’s Lace Knitting in Estonia.  It is a straightforward pattern which I can work on without too much effort in the car or when I’m waiting for the baby to fall asleep.  It is based on 10 row repeats, which the pattern says to do 32 of.  I’m on the 11th one now, so 1/3 of the way there, I hope to do a patten repeat a day, and I’ve already done the final edging.  It does not look like much now as the yarn is dark, and it is not all stretched out, but it will look okay, and it matches my friend’s dress really well.  Again, I think I can get this done on time!


2 Responses to “Update on Wedding Knitting”

  1. Anne said

    Fingers crossed for you – they both look like they will be absolutely beautiful!

  2. Heather said

    How exciting! I have no doubt that you’ll get them both done, and they will be spectacular!

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