My Two Front Teeth!

May 27, 2011

We are on day 3 of constant rain here in Calgary, which is very unusual and poses a very serious flooding risk for so many places.  After all the rain falls here, and runs down in to the Bow River, it heads over to Saskatchewan where it tends to cause the most problems.  We are sitting pretty up here on a big hill, and to tell you the truth it hasn’t been bothering me as much as it normally would.  I have a great excuse not to mow the lawn, or feel like I need to be out doing gardening already.  I need to do these things, but I can’t when it’s raining! 

This was my week to stay home and work on getting the baby to nap in her crib for her 1 pm nap (as opposed to her 10 am, or 4 pm nap).  The first day she slept in her crib for half an hour, which isn’t much but it was progress.  The second day I couldn’t even get her to sleep, plus we had had a bad night the night before with her waking every 2 hours.  I had also noticed a bit of a regression to her not wanting to be put down, to needing constant comforting which meant something was up.  I was not sure if it was a developmental leap, but when I noticed a little tooth poking through her bottom gum, all was explained.  We had thought she was teething, but never having observed close hand a teething infant, we weren’t sure if the signs were all there or not.  Besides, infants can have teething behavior for weeks and weeks with no teeth coming through.  On Wednesday one tooth broke through her gums, and on Thursday the second one was through.  I don’t have photos because you can really only see them when she is screaming, and I’m usually busy rocking, shushing, or attempting other methods to comfort her.  So our little girl is growing up so fast already, with two front teeth with which she is now biting our knuckles.  Some one gave us a vibrating teething ring which she is getting the hang of, and her parents love making jokes about it.  I won’t tell you what they are, as they are rather inappropriate, but I’m sure you can imagine some.  We also need to stop making jokes and rude comments about some of the story books we read her once she begins to understand us, but right now we amuse ourselves highly. 

She is doing so many new things lately, a little laugh, getting her foot fairly far into her mouth, rolling over almost, growing new hair (Mummy is waiting anxiously for pigtails) getting both feet into her mouth, and her little hands are into everything.  GGM has given up on saying she is underweight after being shown the fat rolls on her fingers and toes, and is now insisting she is sick and has allergies as she coughed and sneezed at her visit the other day.  Always something eh?

I had a few down days last week, I think I’m going through a mourning process for my old life in which I could bike any time I wanted to, go to work, travel, take a bath, eat, go for a run, go to knitting circles, essentially what I wanted when I wanted.  When I feel down I like to let myself feel the emotions fully, and not try to suppress them too much, but get them out, and I felt better after two days.  Mourning the old life, and blossoming into my new one filled with toes in mouth, baby laughs, raspberries on cute round bellies, and two little front teeth.


3 Responses to “My Two Front Teeth!”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    OMG… she has teeth already? Wow. It sure goes fast.

  2. Kourtney said

    It took Eleni until she was 16 months old to cut any teeth – so teething can go on for a really, really long time…

    I just bought a book for Amoryn the other day. She likes it because it has Elmo. I like it for the title: “Balls”.

    I mean, what else could a person call a book that’s all about balls and how to play with them?

  3. Heather said

    Two teeth at once, clearly a high-achieving baby!

    Being a mom is a hard transition. I learned a lot about myself.

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