Five Months

June 15, 2011

Mr. J keeps commenting that he is busier now that he is not working then when we were, which is very true.  Between the baby, planning the wedding, getting things done around the house, and the all important bike rides, we are going, going, going!  Right now Althea is having her 3rd nap of the day in her swing, and we have the game on, hoping for a hometown win.  If the Canucks score a goal we will do a quiet victory dance so as not to wake the baby.  Even though the time seems long since Althea came into our lives, it also hardly seems possible that she is now five months old.  She is either going through more teething, or a developmental leap this week as we have more crying than normal, but even that isn’t much.  She is a very good, happy baby, who is a joy to be around.  She has plenty of smiles, and now laughs for her Daddy and I.  She is very busy rolling over from her back to tummy:

Eating her feet, and anything else that comes near her mouth, or her little hands can snag.  Her hands are now constantly trolling for goodies, we have to be viligent for the first time (but nothing is better than a big toe). 

And of course she is growing her two front teeth. 

She is shaking a rattle like nobodies business, on the cusp of figuring out how to move around when she is on her belly, getting interested in watching us eat, and very talkative.  She is also a smiley girl, and a charmer when she turns on the smiles with her Grandma, GGM (to her delight) and random people in stores.  I don’t tell GGM about the random people in stores, but let her keep thinking Althea reserves her best smiles for her.  GGM is still concerned that Althea is not eating solids, but she can’t deny that her weight is good, given the adorable rolls on her thighs.  She suggested I feed Althea lady finger cookies, as they go soft very quickly.  So now I have to figure out how to say that I don’t want to feed cookies to my baby as her first food, yikes.  Cookies or liver, I don’t know which one is worse, or better?

So all excitement all the time around here.  I’ve also started to try and get an hour or two of work in the morning before Althea wakes up.  She is now sleeping longer and longer at night, but going to sleep closer to 10 pm.  I can get up, get a cup of coffee, go down to my computer and get some things done, and make some extra money.  Is everyone else enjoying the summer?


Back at the MS Ride

June 14, 2011

After having to miss last year, which caused me great upset, I made it back again this year!  Mr. J had to give up a race he wanted to enter, and I could tell he was very nervous about having to look after the baby for a minimum of 4 hours during the day without me being readily accessible.  This is not because he is a bad Dad, or is not willing, it is just that Althea cries very often when I’m not around, she lasts about 1/2 hour in fact before crying inconsolably.  Or crying until I come back that is.  It is very hard for a Dad to listen to their baby cry, and know that they can’t do much about it as she is just crying for her mother.  Therefore we weren’t sure that I would be able to do the whole ride, or even if the weather would hold as it had rained almost all day Saturday.  But what a surprise, it only rained a tiny bit, and Althea did really well with her Dad, having two naps during the day with him in the car.  We met up at every rest stop so that I could feed her and spend some time so that she knew Mummy wasn’t really that far away.  Mr. J’s mood lifted during the day from one of dread to one of confidence and pride that he had managed his daughter quite well, and soothed her to sleep not once, but twice.  The second time she cried a bit (maybe a lot) but once he took her out of the car, and began wheeling her around at a rest stop she fell right asleep.  So we did it!  The one day tour is around 84 km, but the guide says 94 km, and I finished in good time, just before a huge storm came in actually.  It felt so good to be out for a long ride, I sped up hills, I hammered down them, I felt the wind, I enjoyed the scenery, I chatted with other riders, and just pure enjoyed myself.  Plus I wasn’t even that sore the next day!