My wedding stole and bouquet turned out much better than I had hoped.  With lace you really never know the finished product until you get it all washed, and pinned out.  Then you say “wow, that really is long”, and then “Golly that sure is pretty”.  The pattern is Bleeding Hearts by Anne Hanson, from the Spring 2008 Interweave magazine.  The yarn is a merino laceweight, which had been a gift from the mighty Miss Joce.   I felt very bride-like wearing the stole for the ceremony, and during the photographs it kept my shoulders warm.  We were caught in a bit of a rain storm, therefore the warmth was appreciated. 

 The flowers for the bouquet were crocheted by my mother from alpaca yarn.  100% wool would have been better but I couldn’t find a good orange colour in any other yarn (and I looked in all the Calgary yarn stores).  The pattern is for the trumpet flowers from Nicky Epsteins Crocheted Flowers.  I felted them, along with the leaves, and then added the beads into the middle.  For the stems I used floral wire, which Mr. J wrapped at the top.  I then wrapped all the stems together in electical tape.  They stayed together very well!  For the flower girl bouquets I had one flower in each that didn’t have the smaller flower inside.  These flowers became the groom and best man pins.  I tied our rings inside these flowers so that my nieces carried flowers and our rings.  I had just used a simple bow and piece of yarn, but it still seemed harder than it should of to untie them, but our officiant managed to get them out!  Plus with them being tied in my nieces couldn’t lose the rings.  I was very pleased with how these turned out, and again I felt quite special.  The Matron of Honour stole turned out a bit short, I should have done many more repeats.  As it was superwash yarn I was expecting it to stretch more than it did.  The dark green colour did look wonderful in photos however, and kept my MOH shoulders warm in the rain!  I’m hoping she will find a use for it this winter.  So very happy wedding crafting for me!


Althea had been screaming for a half hour, and I couldn’t get her to stop.  She was so tired after 3 days of meeting Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, cousins, friends, and she had been such a trooper until just then, but it seems it had all built up into a big melt down.  This was at 3:30 pm, and the wedding was scheduled to begin at 4 pm.  As the guests were starting to arrive I bundled up all our things and scrambled downstairs to where we were supposed to finish getting ready.  Sofie tried to finish putting make-up on me as I shushed, rocked, and tried to soothe my little baby, who just needed a moment to fall asleep.  A desperate message was sent out to the favorite auntie (my brother’s wife) to come and help, Althea was soothed, and dressed while I finished getting ready.  Favorite Auntie worked her magic, and then my Matron of Honour took over to carry Althea up the stairs to the loft where all the guests were assembled, the official was waiting to do the ceremony (she claimed she could do it in 12 minutes) and my favorite groom were waiting.  On the dot of four the flowers girls, MOH, and then my father and I started up the stairs.  Althea was the charming baby she normally is, quiet, smiling, probably sticking her tongue out at people, and not a peep much less a screaming sob out of her.  The ceremony may have been longer than twelve minutes but I don’t quite remember as I hadn’t calmed down after the rush the last hour had been.  Suddenly I was married to the man of my dreams, we both had glistening eyes, and we enjoyed a kiss. 

The best part of the day was honestly when we went to do photos outside the lodge, as Althea fell asleep as soon as she was in the car seat, and slept for an hour.  When she has a good nap I can finally relax and enjoy myself.  We took the full time for photos, and now that I’ve seen them, we got some really, really good shots.  The wildflowers which the lodge provided were mostly lilacs which are my favorite and smelled wonderful.  The dinner was nutritious and delicious.  I got my wedding morning bike ride in, and Julian got his, but he didn’t wear a tiara like we did.  One woman banged part of her tiara off on some tree branches, which was pretty funny.  I got to spend wonderful precious time with my friends, who were so kind to travel out to Fernie for the wedding.  My dear friend from Sweden, who I have not seen in nine long years, spent a week with us, which was so much fun.  We had family enjoy themselves, and family complain, which we expected.  I developed a fun new technique of pretending the complaints were actually compliments.  “There isn’t that much in Fernie” was answered with ‘Yup, it sure is a great little town isn’t it!”.  This new technique is making me very happy.

Mr. J and I are now at home by ourselves, and enjoying married life.  So far this involves looking after our baby (who is now sitting up, rolling from front to back as well as back to front, and really wanting to crawl) watching Le Tour, not cleaning, and trying to unpack our suitcases.  We’ll get back into the swing of thing eventually but right now we’re enjoying some good relaxing time.  Aaahhhhh!  I’ve so much more to tell you over the next little while!