Six Months

August 6, 2011

Six months means so many things to us, Althea is hitting so many milestones, and I am going back to work.  I spent this past week going into the office for half days, while the week before we were “practicing” with me being in the basement for the morning.  Around noon I”d “come home from work” and go upstairs to see my family.  Mr. J and Althea are doing really well together, she is eating  from the bottle, eating her solids, and napping.  I’m not enjoying going to work, but you have to do what you have to do.  I am thankful I was able to take six months off, and get some money as I did.  I live in a wonderful country, and I’m so glad every day that I came home to Canada.  I really couldn’t have imagined going back to work at 12 weeks, six months was hard enough.  My Mum made fun of me a little while back about being emotional about leaving my daughter and going to work, but I think this is a normal reaction in a parent who cares for their children.  I miss my baby, and I miss our time together.  I wish I was feeding my baby instead of pumping milk at work.  In fact,  I really don’t like pumping, and my milk making machines hurt today from a week of doing it.  At the same time I want to feed my daughter as long as possible, so again, you have to do what you have to do.

 When I get home Althea’s little face lights up into a big smile, and she immediately reaches for me, and I get big baby hugs and kisses.  We call them kisses, but it is still mostly her face pressed up against mine with her mouth wide open, tongue licking away.  It’s a bit messy, but very, very endearing.  We spend the rest of the day snuggling, playing, and having our nap together. 

 Althea is babbling with more complex sounds, even in the last two days.  She can sit up on her own and play, and is hardly ever falling over anymore, usually just when she is reaching for a particular toy.  She desperately wants to crawl and go places, and is so frustrated when she doesn’t go anywhere.  She is a happy, fun little girl.  She still sticks her tongue out all the time, and every day seems to have a new way to do it, lately she just covers her upper lip with her tongue and looks at you.  Most importantly to us, she fell asleep in her crib on her own last night, and slept from 9 pm to 3 am!  The last week she had been waking up every ninety minutes, which made going to work more of a chore.   She managed to fall asleep in her crib with a minimum of fuss, and we didn’t “let her cry it out” despite the pleads of GGM.  Normally I get her mostly asleep on me, and then transition her, but after all the traveling she had forgotten a lot of her sleeping skills.  Interestingly, after the wedding she had stopped sucking her thumb, while in the week before she was doing it almost constantly.  As Mr. J said last night as we were discussing her progress “Almost off to university”.  He is such a good Dad, and Althea loves him very much.


One Response to “Six Months”

  1. Heather said

    She’s SO CUTE! It sounds like you’re managing very well, so happy for you guys!

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