Two Hats, Both Warm, One Cuter

December 5, 2011

 Let’s start with the less cute hat, my handspun hat.  I bought this handspun yarn at the Market Collective last year from a vendor named See Also.  The Market Collective is a gathering place for local artisans to sell their items in Kensington, Calgary.  I haven’t gone out to it since, but for handspun I would go back.  I made it a simple pattern, garter stitch for 3 inches, stocking stitch for 2.5 inches more, decrease.  I asked Mr. J if I should put a pom-pom on it and he said “of course” in a very patronizing way, what a silly question.  I have been loving this hat, it covers my ears, my forehead (yeah it gets that cold here that I need forehead coverage) it is holding its shape and hugging my head in a nice warm manner. 

Now for the cute hat!  Oh, so cute!  I think all hats should have ears don’t you?  The pattern is Paddington Bear, and I think anyone with a young child, or who knows a young child should pick up this pattern!  It is easy, and yields an adorable result.  I had to resize it a bit as I had bulky instead of chunky yarn, but this pink/brown colourway was perfect.  Once again I’m so glad I bought Big Merino Fleece Artist like a squirrel whenever I could and hid it away.  I still have 3 more colourways!  I just love this stuff and at $7 a ball it is a guilt-free pleasure.

 Another photo added for extra cuteness.  We had a foot of snow here on the weekend, and on Sunday we discovered that our stroller goes through that snow fairly easily.  They plow the path along the coulee immediately, so we just had to get out to that.  Althea has made her first snow angel, tasted snow, is getting used to her snow suit (a great find at Goodwill).  We should try tobogganing next!


2 Responses to “Two Hats, Both Warm, One Cuter”

  1. Anne said

    OMG – The cuteness! The ears! 🙂

  2. Heather said

    Agree with you about the cuteness and the ears! AWWW!

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