How Did I do in SSS?

December 11, 2011

Finally, an update on Single Skein September – in December!!  The good news is that I did pretty well, plus I won a prize in the contest!  I finished two little baby sweaters:

 The first is a baby surprise jacket a la Elizabeth Zimmerman, and the second is a vintage pattern.   I used Noro Silk Garden sock yarn (which makes horrible socks, and incredible baby jackets) and Berrocco Comfort for the second.  The latter makes wonderful baby garments.  Althea was around 7 months old in this photo, and the little cardigan fit perfectly- for about 2 weeks.  But it was a glorious 2 weeks filled with a cute little yellow cardigan.  The arms were a bit tight, so they could have used around 2-4 more stitches per. 

I even won a prize!  Every person who had completed at least one project with a single skein entered that project into the Stash and Burn forum, and a random number generator picked me!  I won a lovely prize, a skein of aspen sock from Western Sky Knits in Montana in colourway Barnwood.  I am really, really digging their colourful yarns, and would love to get some to make a cute dress or (bigger) cardigan for Althea once the finances are in shape again. 



One Response to “How Did I do in SSS?”

  1. Heather said

    Cute knits, cutest baby!

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