Odd Ball Sweater – plus 3 New

January 8, 2012

 I had what seemed like a bunch of yarn left over from Althea’s baby blanket that I vaguely remember making in the first month of her birth, and I decided it would be a lovely little colourful sweater.  That part is true.  I had enough yarn it turns out for the yoke of the sweater, and had to purchase 3 more skeins to finish it off.  I keep using this pattern for baby sweaters as it is simple, and resizable based on yarn choice.  When you use worsted and add some length to the arms and torso you get a sweater that still fits my (almost) 1 year old. 

The many different colours in the body of the sweater are due to the fact that every time I went back to get say, another light pink, there were no more left.  Therefore the arms became dark pink.  Very colourful my daughter.  The trade off is that it goes with many of her outfits now, just not the red ones. 

There is however a serious design flaw, one that means we have to be very careful with this sweater, and that it needs to be guarded and watched almost at all times.  Can you spot it?  Look closely.  Here is a front view, maybe that will help:

It’s those cute wooden buttons.  I had assumd they would be poplar, or aspen, or some other harmless wood, but they seem to be made of catnip trees.  Both my cats are ga ga over these buttons, and will seek out this sweater, and try and gnaw the buttons off.  Jack has already pulled out numerous threads from the front (without the baby in it) as he uses all four paws in an attempt to rip the buttons off and eat/roll/collect them.  I have a spare button in my notions case that they will now seek out as well and attack.  Cats are crazy yo.


2 Responses to “Odd Ball Sweater – plus 3 New”

  1. Kourtney said

    They might be honeysuckle… cats do love honeysuckle! Catnip’s just a bush. Love the sweater and the growing girl!

  2. Heather said

    Cats are bizarre!

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