Birthdays, Flus, More Flus, and More Birthdays

February 16, 2012

Althea ended up having 3 birthday parties; one on the day of with just Mummy and Daddy, one the week later with friends, and one this past weekend with our baby group.  One year on and all the babies in our group are doing so well, and are super cute and fun to be around.  We hadn’t seen our baby group in a little while, well because we’re all so busy!  Babies starting day care, Mummies going back to work, Daddies working.  It was so much fun to see everyone, I just want to continuously hug all their cute babies. 

Althea did end up getting some presents from her Dad and I.  The good thing about her birthday is that presents that aren’t finished for Christmas become birthday presents!  She got a day dress:

 And I finished up her monkey:

The monkey just needed a face, a hat and scarf.  You know, ’cause it is winter and it is cold out there. 

With the start of daycare, we are well into cold/flu/plague season.  Althea and I are just barely getting over the last one that saw us laid flat for a week almost.  We still have a cough that isn’t going away, but at least she is sleeping better, which means I’m sleeping better, which is very good.  The great thing about day care – literally only a matter of days until she, and then me get sick.  This is where I laugh hysterically, and then go upstairs from where I’m writing this post to have a drink.  And maybe a bit of a weep.  Hopefully talk to you tomorrow!


2 Responses to “Birthdays, Flus, More Flus, and More Birthdays”

  1. Monica said

    The day dress is so cute! And the monkey, too. But Althea is the cutest of all. Hang in there with the sickness. Every parent goes through it at some point – either when they start daycare, or later when they start school. The good news is that it passes. Last year (Kindergarten) Olivia and I were constantly sick. This year is much, much better.

  2. melanie said

    I thought with Moira starting preschool this year we were going to get our year of sickness but so far *knockoneverywoodsurfaceinthehouse* we have been lucky.

    And I recognize those blue pajamas. I think Althea needs to come over for a Meeting of the Blue Footy Pajamas.

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