Friday’s R 4 Obsessions

February 24, 2012

I think I’ve been too busy this week to be obsessed with anything but making deadlines and responding to people that I said I would respond to.  Althea is going to sleep at 6 pm, so I’m firing up my laptop for another hour of work.  That still leaves me an hour to knit before I pass out wherever I am at the moment.  I prefer to already be in my own bed at the time.  AND in other big news I’ve been staying in my own bed until around 11:30 pm when the baby wakes up and I go in and sleep with her.  This is the way my mind works at 11:30 when I’ve just been woken up from a sound sleep;  I could nurse her back to sleep and stay wake, then get her back into her crib and go back to my own bed, which may take 1/2 hr to 45 minutes if I’m lucky.  Or I could lay down with her on the futon we have in her room, latch her on, and go right back to sleep.  We generally sleep until 4 or 5 am straight.  Sleep always wins.  This is progress however, as I’m getting those first few hours in my own bed, hereby known as the most comfortable bed in the world.  The futon, not so comfy, but I get to snuggle with a cute baby so that makes up for it. 

Alright what could I call my current obsession?  What can’t I stop thinking about?  Ceramic membranes folks.  Yes that is correct, not very interesting is it.  I can’t really link to anything in particular as it is all very proprietary at the moment.  I’ll just leave it at me doing a lot of research on ceramic membranes and people asking me things like “how much would that cost +/- a million dollars?”.  At at least I’ll be doing a lot of research this weekend. 

Oh, I’m also looking around for new glasses on the internets as a certain baby is very quick and always grabs mine off my face, and then is busy eating/twisting/pulling them.  Ta everyone!


2 Responses to “Friday’s R 4 Obsessions”

  1. Jocelyn said

    Hi old friend! There was a great piece about buying eyeglasses on CBC Marketplace tonight.

  2. Heather said

    I tried on some cute titanium frames last week. You could twist them into a pretzel shape, crazy. Perhaps something like that would work?

    Wee Althea is just adorable and perfect! Glad you’re getting rest and doing cool work.

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