Wednesday Work in Progress

February 29, 2012

Yeah, I finally got around to posting a WIP post. Go me!!

I spent the first month of the year knitting on deadlines, both of which I missed.   I made a stuffed toy, a week late, and a pair of mittens that I was a thumb shy on the night of the Silent Auction at which they were supposed to be auctioned off.  As a result I have vowed not to make anything on a deadline the rest of the year, and I went on a casting on frenzy.  First on the needles was a new sweater for Althea using Malabrigio Rios.

 This will be a nice one for her to wear around the house, and outside once spring gets here.  Very simple top down raglan design.

I cast on for a Tree of Life sweater which has very dark yarn that doesn’t photograph well. This is going to be a big cosy sweater for cool winter nights, and most other nights here in Calgary.

I also started a Hawthorne shawl which is going to be nice and warm on cold spring days.  I know that winter won’t be over for a few more months, but it was nice and warm today, which is making me hopeful we won’t have any more deep freeze sessions.  We probably will though  won’t we?  A worsted weight shawl is always going to be cozy.  I’m also making Mr. J mittens!  I’d better finish one or two things before I start anything else.  I’m not buying any new yarn until a local sale in April, unless I need some to finish a project that is!


3 Responses to “Wednesday Work in Progress”

  1. Evilknittingtwin(Sandi) said

    Love the sweater for Althea…..I so wasnt to knit something out of that yarn!

  2. Evilknittingtwin(Sandi) said

    That was to be I so want to knit……..

  3. Cheryl said

    Those sound like great projects! That Tree of Life will definitely keep you busy.

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